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Software Logistics

Frontend Installation with SAPSetup



SAPSetup offers easy and reliable functionality for installations ranging from single PCs to distributions on a large scale. The installation and distribution of frontend software with SAPSetup offers many features, such as:

  • Installation of frontend products
    • Either from an installation server (recommended by SAP, as this option offers many benefits, especially if many workstations are involved – such as the grouping of components into installation packages or the enablement of installations without administrator permissions)
    • Or from a distribution medium (such as a DVD)
  • Uninstallation of frontend products
  • Distribution of software over the network
    • Create and maintain installation servers that act as file server that contain all the content of an installation medium - you can apply patches to the installation server that can then be propagated to the clients in your landscape by an automatic workstation update service
    • Create, configure and maintain installation packages containing multiple products and predefined installation parameters to be offered via an installation server
    • Perform consistency checks and repair installations  (by renewing files or registry keys on a client from an installation server)
    • Perform central log file analysis
  • Local patching
    • Either via the direct installation of patches to client computers
    • Or by updating through the installation server as outlined above

Examples of Offered SAP Frontend Installations

SAPSetup offers the installation of frontends for many SAP products, such as SAP GUI for Windows (for more information, see the SAP GUI Family document), SAP Tutor, SAP Crystal Reports Adapter for ALV, Adobe LiveCycle Designer, SAP NetWeaver Business Client, SAP Visual Enterprise Frontends from Right Hemisphere, SAP Learning Solution - and much more.


SAPSetup is part of the corresponding products to which the frontends belong.

SAP recommends to use the latest installation tool version, as only this includes the latest corrections. You can get the latest version and support package of  SAPSetup with Software Logistics Toolset.

Feature Requests

Influence the future of SAPSetup and its offered procedures by collaborating on ideas for new features in SAP Idea Place, the public channel to participate in innovation at SAP. SAPSetup belongs to the idea session Software Logistics, category Solution Implementation. Submit new ideas, vote for existing ideas and connect directly with the team that builds SAPSetup and the corresponding installations!

Further Information

Overview Presentation - SAPSetup

This document provides a short overview of the frontend installation and distribution tool.

Technical Details Presentation - SAPSetup

This document provides technical details of the frontend installation and distribution tool.

Demo - Installation Server
A video from Siddhartha Rao that presents the administrative features of SAPSetup and provides short insights into the scaling of the installation server to include and deploy multiple SAP frontend components.

Demo - Checking the Health of an Installation
A video from Siddhartha Rao that explains how to use SAPSetup to check the validity and diagnose issues with SAP frontend software installations.

For more information, see the corresponding frontend installation guide available in SAP Service Marketplace. For example, the SAP Frontend Installation Guide is available at NetWeaver <Release>Installation Installation – Clients

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