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SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) – Integration Scenario - SAP Gateway 2.0 Certification


SAP Gateway is a development framework that offers connectivity to SAP applications using any programming language or model by leveraging REST services and OData/ATOM protocols. It serves as an entrance to SAP systems, routing requests, commands and data from end users to SAP systems, thereby allowing access to SAP business processes and enterprise information from users' familiar devices, platforms, or environments.

The integration with SAP Gateway happens on two levels - providing Gateway content, and consuming this Gateway content. Certification is offered for end-to-end scenarios (covering both content and consumption), or may focus on consumption or content only.

This Integration Scenario is also available with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.

Getting Started

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) highly recommends that ISVs and partners, who are interested in certifying an integration of their product with SAP solutions, begin with our page Getting Started with Integration and Certification that explains the SAP ICC services and describes the process how to obtain them.

This page helps you select the correct integration scenario and contains technical information, streaming media presentations, step-by-step guides, and much more.

Technical Documentation

SAP NetWeaver on SAP HANA

The technology platform of the interface has changed; the scope of certification has not been changed. Recertification is optional, but advised.

SAP Gateway 2.0

NW-GW-INT was introduced in this release and covers both - certification of third-party Gateway content as well as consumption of Gateway content.

Test plan document for Gateway Certification.

SAP Gateway interface documentation

Any SAP backend connectivity that involves custom ABAP development will also be certified against the criteria for custom ABAP Add-ons, if applicable.

Test System Recommendation from SAP ICC

Exploration Phase:

Please visit the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Developer Center to learn more on SAP Gateway Trial Version.

Development Phase:

For an end-to-end Gateway scenario (content and consumption) ISVs needs to have SAP Developer License in place.ISVs are recommended to obtain a SAP Application Developer License and operate system landscape for SAP Gateway in-house.

Price List

We are offering a special bundle pricing for all SAP Gateway 2.0 Certification:

Single Certification: One (1) Certification to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract  = 2,500 Euro

5-Pack Certification: Five (5) Certifications to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract  = 7,000 Euro

10-Pack Certification: Ten (10) Certifications to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract  = 10,000 Euro

(Euro currency applicable to all countries)

This subscription includes an assigned SAP ICC consultant for the end-to-end Gateway integration, as well as the necessary tool to package ABAP objects generated to provision SAP  Gateway content & Includes testing on two different device platforms.

Benefits of Certification

Customers using SAP-certified solutions in their SAP environment, as well as the ISVs and partners offering these, experience great benefits such as shorter implementation times, technical enablement, and marketing assets that certification provides. Please visit the 'Certification Benefits overview page' for more information.

  • After successful certification testing the ISV solution can be advertised with one of the following logos depending on the used technology platform:

SAP Training and Help:
Please refer to SAP Education.

Course Name: GW 100  SAP Gateway – Building OData Services.

ICC Webinar: You are invited to join our introductory webinars - hosted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center in regular intervals. For a schedule and recordings got to the page "SAP Integration and Certification Webinar Series Overview".

Apply for ICC Services right away - please fill in the SAP ICC online application form.

SAP Application Development partner directory: The certified solution is listed in our SAP Application Development partner directory.

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