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Strategy Management

Strategy Management connects goals, initiatives, and metrics, the three cornerstones necessary to help drive effective execution. Ninety percent of all organizations are unable to execute on their strategy. Unlike these organizations, businesses with alignment will show a better performance, increased productivity, and greater employee, constituent, and customer satisfaction.

SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management (formerly, SAP Strategy Management) enhances traditional business intelligence reporting functions by surrounding them with guided collaboration, strategy, initiative, and resource planning, links to budgeting and progress report functions, and more. It addresses both the needs of the organization and of the individual users. For executives, it provides the tools to communicate and manage goals, initiatives, and metrics from initial definition to completed execution. For managers, department heads, and line workers, it provides actionable plans. SAP Strategy Management leverages collective knowledge and helps everyone make informed decisions and work collaboratively to meet strategic goals.

Getting Started

Five Tips for Building a SAP Strategy Management Demo 
When designing a demonstration of SAP Strategy Management there are some tips to make it easier and faster to design as well as make it a more effective presentation.

SAP Strategy Management - Overview Demo 
See this demo for an introduction of SAP's Strategy Management 2007 key features and capabilities.

Recommended Project Roles for SAP Strategy Management  
This document helps you to properly plan the tasks within the Implementation of a SAP Strategy Management. It provides information about required roles to properly execute the tasks within the Implementation plan and maintain the system afterwards.

More on Strategy Management

Seven Answers for Understanding Strategy Management Methodology  
There are a number of methodologies that can be implemented for Strategy Management. These are some insights and guidance about some popular performance management methodologies.

A Brief Overview of Popular Strategy Management Methodologies 
This document contains a short summary description of popular methodologies used to implement Strategy Management.

Seeing Red - Does Your Traffic Light Only Have Three Colors?  
A popular grading system for understanding current status of an organization's operations is the traffic light approach. While using 3 colors to signify conditions may simplify presentation, it does not provide interpretation or analysis needed for strategic decision-making.

Motivation and Strategy Management  
Having a highly motivated workforce is necessary to move an organization from being good to great. This is an overview to suggest processes and systems that can be put in place that will contribute to motivating staff.

The SAP NetWeaver BW Connector in SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management(SSM) 7.X

With SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management 7.X, customers have the opportunity to leverage any prior investments in SAP BW and bring SAP NetWeaver BW data to their SSM implementation.

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