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Industry Value Network for Automotive

The Industry Value Network (IVN) for Automotive Sales & Services currently includes one focus area: Cash Desk Management in combination with SAP Dealer Business Management.

IVN Focus Area: Cash Desk Management for SAP DBM

A key focus area is within the management of payments.
Cash desk, i.e. management of payments, comes into play when a satisfied customer goes to pick up his repaired car at the dealership: he stops at the cash desk and pays his open invoices before leaving the dealer yard. Effective sale of accessories, down payments of used cars, paying small purchases to vendors and many other transactions are managed via cash desk applications at dealers. Receiving and paying cash, plus managing a mix of currencies and electronic payments are mandatory for each dealership. Cash journals, change money, and tracking cash sessions are additional features that round off a cash desk application.
As part of the IVN initiative, SAP has extended its solution offering for Automotive Sales &Service with a complementary software solution, local content, and services provided by a selected IVN partner, NTS New Technology Systems GmbH. NTS is a leading expert in POS software and retail management systems. In this case, the cooperation of SAP IBU Automotive and NTS is about the provisioning of an embedded cash desk designed for the use with SAP ERP Financials for Automotive Retail businesses. With an on-line integration to SAP ERP, this application complies with today's understanding of retail cash desk operations, and is a valuable complement to the SAP Dealer Business Management.
Click here to find more information about NTS solution offering for an embedded cash desk. Detailed information is also available for download (English, Spanish, German).
Michael Pavala, product manager at NTS, in charge of the embedded cash desk, and Christian Leutgoeb, sales and marketing expert at NTS, like to give an overview on the cooperation with SAP concerning the SAP Dealer Business Management via their blog. Don't hesitate to put your questions and comments there.

Other IVN Focus Areas for SAP DBM

... are to come. SAP is continuing to expand the Automotive industry value network. More about partners' industry specific and application related product offerings can be found on the SAP EcoHub.

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