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SAP Transportation Management

The World of Analytics Delivered for SAP Transportation Management

A whole array of transportation management reports and worklists are delivered for SAP Transportation Management, as well as overview dashboards and embedded analytics.
Info Cubes Delivered
Available Standard Reports / Queries

Transportation Request

• Customer analysis

• Party / location analysis

Transportation Order

• Carrier analysis

• Transport analysis

Transportation Cost Analysis

• Planned / actual costs per transport

• Planned / actual costs per shipper / carrier / consignee

• Costs by # of  units shipped per period & mode of  transport

• Costs per Carrier

Transportation Revenue Analysis

• Planned revenue per customer

• Planned revenue for top 5 customers

Transportation Allocation

• Transportation allocations by carrier

• Carrier by transportation allocations

Business Share• Carrier by business share
Trade Lane Analysis

• Transported weight per trade lane

• Trade lane analysis per transport

• Carrier analysis by trade lane

Transportation Order Execution

• Delivery reliability

• Expected / unexpected events reliability

• Duration analysis

Event Management - Shipment Evaluation

• Customs processing execution

• Customs documentation receipt

• Main leg execution

• Preliminary leg execution

• Shipment & route execution

• Subsequent leg execution

Event Management -

Notification & Execution Procedure

• Event execution

• Shipping execution

• Event reporting

Many other fields exist for customer-specific reporting via drag and drop:

Additional Reporting Fields in SAP Business Warehousehouse for Transportation Management

  • Traffic direction (import, inbound / export, outbound)
  • Weights, volume, costs (by tradelane, business share, transportation allocation)
  • Distance, duration, number of stops (average per zone, location, mode… or per individual transport)
  • Shipping type (Full container load, less than container load)
  • Movement type (Door-to-door, port-to-port)
  • Cut-off dates / times
  • Locations (Plant, warehouse, distibution center, port…)
  • Execution status (pick-up start, pick-up end, ….)
  • Events (reason, date / time, transportation activity, status, party role…)
  • Dangerous goods  (% per tradelane, …)
  • Package (Type, non-stackable indicator…)
  • Credit memo
  • Invoices for cancelled forwarding orders


Full information on the infocubes, queries etc. can be found in the SAP TM documentation:

SAP TM 8.1 Business Intelligence Documentation

SAP TM 8.0 Business Intelligence Documentation

The attached excel below provides a summary of all the technical object names for the BW reports and fields.


Dashboards provide a nice visual overview - with interactive and drill-down capabilities - of consolidated data for specific KPIs.

The first TM dashboard for transportation cost analysis was delivered for SAP TM 8.0. More are on the way for Green reporting (CO2) and Trade Lane reporting.


EMBEDDED ANALYTICS - Business Context Viewer (BCV)

SAP TM also uses the Business Context Viewer framework to provide side-bar reports for transactions and line items. They provide contextual visual decision support. At present, a couple of standard preconfigured reports are delivered for SAP TM as examples of how this functionality could be used.


The tool is relatively easy to configure and can be used to provide graphical data analysis charts or images in a side-bar in any transaction. Standard reports available include:

AreaStandard Reports
Subcontracting with (SAP TM 8.))

Carrier ranking

• Carrier acceptance rate

• Carrier rejection reasons

Forwarding Order Charges (with SAP TM 8.1)

• Charge type overview / distribution

• Charges per line item (container, pallet…)

A cookbook is available to help you learn about the the BCV technology, and support you create and the maintain Business Context Viewer (BCV) content for SAP TM 8.0 and SAP TM 8.1.

Business Context Viewer Cookbook

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