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Learn about SAP TM 8.1

The main focus of release SAP TM 8.1 is solution extension to support logistics service providers.


SAP TM 8.1 extends the core transportation processes covered with SAP TM 8.0 to support enhanced:

  • Ocean freight management
  • Transportation network planning
  • Quotation & forwarding order management
  • Quotation & forwarding order management
  • Freight booking and service order management
  • Cargo management

Furthermore, a new scenario has been included: Less than Container Load for Logistics Service Providers.

SAP TM 8.1 also delivers general enhancements for both shipper and logistics service provider industries, including:

  • Advanced transportation planning
  • Advanced charge management and settlement
  • Enhanced analytics


SAP TM 8.1 Details Presentation
For a more complete overview of SAP TM 8.1, please see the SAP TM 8.1 Overview and What's New presentations.

Solution Documentation and Guides

For full process and scenario details, please visit for comprehensive solution documentation, and links to implementation &
configuration guides. The direct link to SAP TM 8.1 documentation is here.

Here the Enhancement Guide for TM 8.0 & 8.1 (on BOPF, User Interface, Business Logic, Query/POWL... enhancements). 

Direct links to the configuration guides only are here (Log-on is required)

TM 8.1 Scenarios

TM 8.1 Processes

Product Availability Matrix

Get an overview of the delivery dates and language versions delivered via the product availability matrix for SAP TM 8.1.


Installation Guides for TM 8.1 can be accessed here, including:

  • Master Guide
  • Security Guide
  • Application Operations Guide

In addition to the TM installation guides, a full set of configuration guides for SAP TM integration with other systems are available for customers and partners with the solution manager content.

  • Basic Settings for SAP Transportation Management
  • Basic Settings and Integration for ERP
  • Integration of EM
  • Integration of BI
  • Integration of GTS
  • Integration of Visual Business
  • Integration of Dangerous Goods
  • Output Management¬†

These guides are available only for customers and partners via the SAP Solution Manager system. This content is made available when customers and
partners set up a TM implementation project using SAP solution manager.

How to get Solution Manager Content Support Package: -> Browse our Download Catalog -> SAP Technology Components -> SAP Solution Manager -> SAP Solution Manager 7.0 EhP 1 -> Entry by Component -> SAP Solution Manager ABAP Stack -> ST-ICO 150_700 -> Support Packages

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