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How-To Guides for SAP NetWeaver CE/MDM/Mobile/PI 7.1 - Enterprise Information Management

Master Data Management

These How-to Guides, developed by SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Groups (RIG) worldwide, provide expert advice and tips and tricks on a broad range of topics.Access all How-to Guides by release or topic.

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How to Build Web Applications Using MDM Web Dynpro Component

MDM Web Dynpro components can be consumed by other custom Web Dynpro components to create a Web Dynpro application which can run as a stand-alone application or in a portal environment. In this guide we describe how to build a generic stand-alone Web Dynpro application. We also show you how to extend or modify the generic behavior of Web Dynpro components at runtime using User Exits (sometimes called hook methods).
07 Jun 2011

How to Integrate Master Data Management (MDM) and Business Process Management (BPM)

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM) and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) can be integrated to develop collaborative business scenarios. This guide provides examples and explanations on how to integrate MDM and BPM using MDM Web Dynpro components and MDM Web Services without having to add any additional coding (or minimal coding if required).07 Jun 2011

How to Work with UWL and MDM Workflows in the Portal
Integrating the UWL functionality with MDM Workflow enables SAP NetWeaver portal users to access their MDM tasks from the UWL inbox. MDM portal iViews (or MDM Web Dynpro Components as of MDM 7.1 SP07), can be configured to enable the portal users to view their tasks or jobs associated with MDM repository records. In this guide, we show you how to configure the delivered MDM UWL configuration file as well as the MDM standard portal iViews or MDM Web Dynpro components so that they integrate and work with MDM Workflow in the portal.07 Jun 2011

"Good to Know” Topics for a Smooth SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 Implementation
This document describes challenges often experienced in SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) implementation projects. Besides the explanation of "technical" topics like Multithreading, Locking, and Scalability, there are also "application"-specific topics like Matching, Import Steps, and Syndication Steps discussed, and in addition data modeling recommendations are provided. All of this is given with the purpose of making your own implementation project smoother as well as providing an understanding of the internal architecture of SAP NetWeaver MDM.23 Dec 2010

Best Practices Workflow for Master Data Management
In this paper we will evaluate different workflow options in the area of MDM, and will provide best practices and recommendations about which workflow tool fits best to your specific requirement.02 Aug 2010

MDM and Data Services Integration Scenarios - Part II: Consolidation On Data Entry
This guide covers the on-data-entry and periodic cleansing scenarios, i.e., on data entry in MDM, the data will be enriched by calling data quality and enrichment services provided by Data Services.14 Jun 2010

MDM and Data Services Integration Scenarios - Part I: Advanced Consolidation
This how-to guide is part of a series dealing with the integration between SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP Business Objects Data Services. Learn how to do the actual implementation of such integration scenarios. This guide covers the advanced cleansing and consolidation scenario. It explains how you can connect SAP NetWeaver MDM with SAP Business Objects to perform address cleansing and matching for data, and finally to import this data into MDM.15 Apr 2010

How to Generate XSD Schemas from Existing MDM Repositories
Implementation projects require standard Inbound and Outbound Interfaces and it is very useful to have a tool for generating an XML Shema (XSD file) from existing MDM 7.1 repositories. This How -To-Guide, with an eclipse plug-in delivered along with it, explains the steps to generate an XSD file from an MDM 7.1 repository by using the plug-in.
Download the Source Code01 Oct 2009

How to Cluster MDM 7.1 using Microsoft Failover Service (MSFS)
This guide describes how to configure MDM 7.1 to run in a clustered environment using Microsoft Failover Service (MSFS).01 Sep 2009

Developing Applications on Top of SAP NetWeaver MDM - An Architect's Guide
When starting an SAP NetWeaver MDM implementation, you must come up with a solid design that will meet all of your customer's business requirements. When analyzing those business requirements, you may realize that some parts of the solution need to be developed. When it comes to these parts of the solution, you have many technology choices available to you. The purpose of this guide is to explain those choices and help guide you so you can make the best decision for your situation.12 Aug 2009

How to Create Publications with SAP NetWeaver MDM Using MDM Publisher- Advanced Topics
MDM Publisher offers an elegant and seamless combination of different technologies, concepts, and minute details to create a comprehensive solution to an age-old problem: how to produce visually stimulating catalogs which retain their connections to ever-changing product data. This guide highlights several individual cases and provides a step by step description how to achieve a desired layout.09 Jul 2009

How to Build Your Own UI for MDM via Java API - Limit Search Criteria
This guide shows you how to retrieve search pick lists via MDM Java API in order to build your own UI like Data Manager or MDM Portal Content. Users can use search pick lists to see what are available values for search and then narrow down the search result set.15 Jun 2009

Using MDM 7.1 Key-Mappings in a PI Landscape
This guide explains how to set up an MDM - PI landscape for leveraging the SAP NetWeaver MDM key-mapping functionality for supporting direct data distribution between client systems. Such a scenario is particularly useful for supporting system upgrade processes where a preliminary de-duplication and cleansing of master data is required.29 May 2009

How to Create Publications with SAP NetWeaver MDM Using MDM Publisher
This guide leads you through step by step in order to create fast and easy publications. The steps are accompanied with best practices and advices to make you work easier and more efficient.01 May 2009

How to Cluster MDM 7.1 using MSCS
This guide describes how to configure MDM 7.1 to run in a clustered environment using MSCS.01 May 2009

Best Practices for Repository Migration from SAP Netweaver MDM 5.5 to SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1
With SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 two new data modeling features have been introduced: multiple main tables and tuples. While it is relatively easy to use these functions when designing completely new repositories, it is often not clear, whether and how to apply these new features to already existing SAP NetWeaver MDM 5.5 repositories which got upgraded to SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1. This guide provides best practices when migrating to SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 from a modeling point of view and explains also when it makes sense to use the new functions and when not.
13 Mar 2009

Setup and Use the MDM Change Transport with CTS+ Transport Management Environment

With SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1, SAP delivers a new feature that allows transporting MDM changes through complex system landscapes. This document describes how to use the MDM built-in change extraction and importing functions, and how to use the CTS (Change and Transport System) system for administrating transports in system landscapes.
01 Nov 2008

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