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Portal How-To Guides for SAP Netweaver 2004

If you are looking for expert advice and tricks on a broad range of NetWeaver-related topics, why don't you try looking at the How-to Guides? These guides are developed by SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Groups (RIG) worldwide.

You can Access all How-to Guides by release or topic.

You can Enter the wiki for supplementary information about SAP NetWeaver How-to Guides that have been removed from SDN.

SAP NetWeaver Portal

How to Analyze Portal Activity with the Activity Data Collector
This How-To Guide shows you how you can trace Portal activity with the help of the Activity Data Collector service. It furthermore gives you an example how you can analyze the data to get the unique users per day, and how you can create a HTML Report with the results. The guide applies to SAP NetWeaver '04 SPS21 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS14 and above. Download attached system files. 17 Dec 2008

How to Configure Permissions for Initial Content in SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0  
This guide provides recommendations for configuring initial permissions to enable the pre-configured portal roles to access initial content objects relevant to each role. The two main topics are security zones and portal content. 01 Dec 2007

How to Automate Content Creation via XML (XML Content and Actions) 
Learn to write and import an XML file in order to automate the creation of portal semantic objects, such as iViews, pages, and systems, and to perform actions such as assigning roles or deleting content. 12 Aug 2007

How to Use Query Functions with the Distributed Query Engine (DQE) 
This guide provides the technical information necessary to retrieve data from back-end applications using the Distributed Query Engine (DQE). It gives instruction on query constructs and grammar. 01 Apr 2006

How to Migrate from SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 SP6 to SAP NetWeaver 2004
Learn key steps for migrating from Enterprise Portal 5.0 SP6 to SAP NetWeaver '04.This guide describes detailed procedures required to migrate content for both the portal and Knowledge Management (KM) components. 22 Jan 2006

How to Enable Links in the Tool Area  
Learn about configuration of the tool area iView and modification of its associated properties. 01 Jan 2006

How to Migrate from SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP2 to SAP NetWeaver 2004  
Learn to migrate from Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP2 to SAP NetWeaver '04. This guide describes detailed procedures required to migrate content for both the portal and Knowledge Management and Collaboration (KMC) components. 01 Jan 2006

How to Transport Visual Composer iViews in SAP NetWeaver 2004  
Learn to transport Visual Composer iViews through your SAP Enterprise Portal landscape. This guide also discusses how to ensure you've collected all objects for the Visual Composer iView. 01 Jan 2006

How to Optimize Network Traffic in SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 
Learn to enhance performance of SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 by fine-tuning the design-time configuration of the portal, the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) engine, and other related components. Such configuration can reduce network traffic, round-trip time, and the total number of round trips. 01 Oct 2005

How to Use the Portal Content Directory (PCD) Inspector Tool 
Using the Portal Content Directory (PCD) Inspector tool, portal administrators can modify and analyze PCD objects, visualizing the associated object properties and object dependencies structure. 01 Jul 2005

How to Set Up and Configure a Global Portal Environment with Syndicated Content 
SAP offers an enterprise portal-based solution for sharing, integrating, and displaying multi-lingual information located in applications and persistence layers all over the world. This guide helps you to understand the concepts behind the current global portal solution of syndicated content, and learn the requirements and procedures necessary to implement it. 01 Jun 2005

How to Finetune Performance of Portal Platform 
This guide explains how to fine-tune SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) 6.0 on Web Application Server 6.40 to optimize performance. Find information on various performance-tuning processes for operating systems, SAP Web Application Server (Java), databases, browsers, as well as suggestions for monitoring the network environment for EP. 01 Apr 2005

How to Transport SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 Content  
Learn to design a process that efficiently transports SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) 6.0 content across system boundaries. This guide explains the use of the import and export functionality of EP 6.0 on Web Application Server 6.40. 01 Apr 2005

How to Migrate from Workplace 2.11 to SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 Based on Web AS 6.40 
Learn to migrate Workplace 2.11 to SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 based on Web Application Server (AS) 6.40. Understand two main scenarios: Workplace migration with the Workplace Server as the data source for the User Management Engine (UME) and Workplace migration with the LDAP directory as the data source for UME. 01 Jan 2005

How to Modify the Portal Framework Page in SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 
This document provides guidelines for portal administrators and developers who may need to edit or modify the various aspects of the framework page and its iViews. It also defines which customization methods are acceptable and supported by SAP. 01 Dec 2004

How-to Use the AppIntegrator in Enterprise Portal 6.0 
The Application Integrator (short: AppIntegrator) provides an infrastructure for integrating different SAP UI technologies (like Web Dynpro) and other remote (Web) applications into the portal. It allows you to create portal components that serve as a template for iViews representing the remote application. Download attached system files. 03 Nov 2004

How to Upload and Adapt ERP Roles to SAP Enterprise Portal 
When using mySAP ERP in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver, you can make the single and composite roles of your ERP system and its content accessible through SAP Enterprise Portal. Understand the possibilities for role upload, and learn to adapt the uploaded roles from the ABAP-based backend system in the portal environment. 01 Nov 2004

How to Build Dynamically Propagated Tree
Learn to develop a portal component that displays a dynamically propagated tree with the possibility of adding nodes, assigning icons to the nodes (i.e. directory and file names, database tables and columns, and XML hierarchy), and assigning client-side events.Download attached system files. 01 Jul 2004

How to Configure the Universal Worklist 
Learn to configure and customize the Universal Worklist (UWL) for business workflow scenarios. This guide discusses customization of existing list views, item launch configuration, custom attributes, list views with custom attributes, decision views, and tailored UWL views. 01 May 2004

How to Maximize the Accessibility of the High Contrast Theme  
Learn to maximize the accessibility of the High Contrast Theme by changing special theme parameters of the user interface elements. Use High Contrast Theme to offer maximum contrast between the text and its background. 01 Apr 2004

Integration Scenarios /Cross Component

How to Integrate Unified Worklist to XI BPM via Workflow  
Learn how to trigger a BWF within ccBPM of XI, and to display the corresponding work item in the Universal Work List of EP and KMC.  01 Dec 2004

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