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Customizing SAP Software

SAP enables customers and partners to customize SAP applications to their specific needs. However, in order to ensure that these solutions can still be supported and upgraded, SAP introduced a number of well-defined extension points, i.e. so-called Business Add-Ins. In case customers do not have the skills to implement a customization themselves, SAP offers custom development services.

Business Add-Ins
   (on SAP Help Portal)
Business add-ins are enhancements to the standard version of the system. They can be inserted into the SAP System to accommodate user requirements too specific to be included in the standard delivery. Since specific industries often require special functions, SAP allows you to predefine these points in your software.
SAP guarantees the upward compatibility of all Business Add-In interfaces. Release upgrades do not affect enhancement calls from within the standard software nor do they affect the validity of call interfaces. You do not have to register Business Add-Ins in SSCR.

SAP Custom Development
In a hypercompetitive environment in which change is constant, agility is paramount. You need to continually transform your organization by introducing new and unique ways of doing business. And you need to do it quickly.
SAP Custom Development can help. With unparalleled experience in developing custom solutions, our expert development architects, project managers, and developers are positioned worldwide to quickly, flexibly, and safely create high-quality, individualized solutions. Enabling you to seize new market opportunities and dynamically respond to new business challenges.

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