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SAP BusinessObjects - Web Intelligence (WebI)

SAP BusinessObjects SDK Features - Web Intelligence

Compare the key developer features in versions 3.1 and 4.0

Last Updated February 2012

Compiled by Terry Penner, Geoff Bazira

Web Intelligence

  • RESTful Web Services is a planned innovation for a future release.
  • Web Intelligence Viewing and Refreshing –Java and .NET SDK in 3.1, Java SDK in 4.0
    • Open/Close Report
    • Document instance get/set properties
    • Get HTML, CSV, and XML view
    • Page Navigation
    • Set multilingual options
    • Get Report Data and meta-data (List of Values, prompts, drill info, images)
    • (3.1 only) Export to PDF, Excel, CSV  

Web Intelligence Document Modification – Java SDK in 3.1

    • Create new report
    • Get font mapping
    • Manage Data Providers
      • Create/Change/Delete data providers
      • Change data source mapping
      • Create Personal Data Provider
      • Create SQL Data Provider
      • Get datasource object
      • Get datasource parameters (except SAP key dates)
      • Generate Query
      • Configure Query (filter, sort, conditions)
      • Execute, Run Query
    • Move, resize, insert, edit report elements: cells, report body, paper size, report block, graph, graph data, legend, font orientation, table, crosstab, simple table, section container, page header, page footer, report structure


Documentation and Samples

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