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SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio

Read Before Posting - Where to find Crystal Reports .NET SDK resources


The purpose of this Jive Document is to point out "best practices" to ensure that your issue receives a timely response and accurate solution. Before posting look through the various resources below for the answers to your questions.  This document contains basic starting information to help the application developerA lot of the "how to" questions are already answered in the resources below.


Before posting a new discussion look through the various resources below for the answers to your questions. A lot of the "how to" questions are already answered in the resources below. When posting carefully consider the information you need to provide for a quick resolution. Consult the resources listed under the Sources of Information heading in this document. Be aware of Rules of Engagement.

What to include in your query

If none of the ideas under the Sources of Information heading below help, do post your query. Also, check out the blog What do I need to do to get the fastest issue resolution?.

Sources of Information

1) Rules of Engagement
2) Use the search feature in these Spaces to see if your question has already been answered.
3) Consult the Developer SDK Libraries. The Developer SDK libraries for the most recent release of Crystal Reports SDK, RAS SDK and BOE (BI) SDK can be   found in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x Developer SDK Library. For older and out of support products use the links as described below.

Crystal Reports 2008 (v. 12.x)

Crystal Reports 2008 Reference

Crystal Reports 2008 Developer Guide
Crystal Reports 2008 API Reference

(See Microsoft KB article 902225 if you have problems viewing the Developer Guide and API Reference)

Crystal Reports XI R2 (v. 11.5.x)

Finding the latest Crystal Reports XI Release 2A updates
Developer XI Release 2 Developer Library

Crystal Reports 10.x

Not available online. Developer Help files are installed into the Visual Studio .NET Help menu.

Crystal Reports bundles for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio .NET 2008
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET 2005

4) Notes and KBases. These can be located at the Main SDN Search page. The seach will not only search for KBases, it will also search wikis, blogs, articles, samples and more.
5) Sample Code
Samples using the retired COM Report Desinger Component SDK are listed in the Report Designer Component SDK COM Samples wiki.

Samples using the Crystal Reports SDK for Visual Studio .NET are listed in the Crystal Reports for .NET SDK Samples wiki.

Samples using RAS and BOE (BI) SDK for Visual Studio .NET are listed in the NET RAS SDK Samples wiki.

More information of interest to developer is in the Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects Enterprise) wiki.

6) Deployment Information
See the wiki Crystal Reports v. 9.1 to CRVS2010 Runtime Distribution & Supported Operating Systems
7) Business Objects Downloads
Note that downloads for products that are no longer supported are typically removed at end of life. Crystal Reports XI R2A downloads are still available from the SAP Business Objects Support Software Downloads page.

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