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Certified Solutions

Introduction The new certification interface NW-ESR-CNT in its current version 1.0 focuses completely on the modeling and definition of synchronous inbound A2X services. Outbound services or A2A and B2B scenarios are not in the scope of this certification. This certification does not certify the actual business
functionality of the implementation. Nevertheless, linked to SAP's SOA methodology, some general implementation requirements must be fulfilled around fault message and log handling as well as service reliability.

Certified Solutions


COACH (Groupware Integration) 2.1 by CONET Solutions GmbH

CONET Coach integrates existing collaboration solutions (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes) with SAP NetWeaver, so that the processes within the SAP Business Suite can be optimized by using the functionalities of e-mail and calendaring provided by the groupware, e.g., process-driven assignment of incoming e-mail directly to SAP CRM.

[Certification valid until: 2012-08-30]

MegaXML/ESP 3.5 by Task Performance Group, Inc.

The Electronic Document Delivery Status Monitoring & Reporting solution MegaXML/ESP by Task Performance Group, Inc. tracks all electronic documents provided by SAP and processed through its pipeline.

[Certification valid until: 2012-04-23]

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