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SAP Customer Relationship Management

SAP CRM 7.0 - PCM Collective Selling (Chinese)

This is a process in web channel and partner channel management. PC4YOU (the brand owner) is a high-tech manufacturer. PC4YOU hosts a Collaborative Showroom to support customer purchases across their demand network. PC4YOU partners maintain products, pricing and availability information in the PC4YOU Collaborative Showroom.
这是一个在网络渠道和合作伙伴渠道管理中,采用网络合作陈列室来进行网络采购和销售的流程。 PC4YOU是一家高新技术制造商,PC4YOU主办了一个让客户可以按需求进行采购的网络合作陈列室。 PC4YOU的合作伙伴可以在PC4YOU的陈列室中维护产品信息,产品价格和可用性检查信息。

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