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The  Oracle Solaris operating system supported on over 1000 x86 and SPARC platforms delivers the performance, stability, and security your users and customers demand. With thousands of applications available on Solaris, one OS can span your entire enterprise: the web tier, the data warehouse, and the most demanding technical compute applications. Moving to Solaris 11 is easy, whether you're upgrading from an older Solaris release or migrating from another OS.
Sun and SAP have been working together since 1993 to provide a scalable, reliable, secure, flexible, and open computing infrastructure for customers around the globe. Over time our joint efforts have paid off, helping Sun to consistently achieve many SAP Sales and Distribution standard application benchmark world records. In 2010, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle Corporation, which is continuing the cooperation with SAP running Solaris.

Oracle Multitenant Option Now in Early Customer Shipment Status New!

The Oracle Multitenant option is now in early customer shipment status. If you are interested in using this feature for SAP Netweaver-based systems and want more information, please contact Christian Graf, including your customer number in the mail.

We have completed initial testing of Oracle Multitenant by installing two SAP systems on a SPARC Solaris server. You can find out more at this blog.

Improved SAP Database Performance with Solaris 11 New!

There are two blogs available on how to use Oracle Solaris to improve the performance and scalability of SAP ASE: Best Practices Using ZFS For SAP ASE Database and Unbeatable Scalability of SAP ASE on Oracle M7.

Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle Clusterware Certified by SAP for Integration with SAP NetWeaver

The high availability (HA) solutions Solaris Cluster 3.3 and Solaris Cluster 4.x as well as Oracle Clusterware 12c (SAPCTL) have been certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver via the SAP integration scenario NW-HA-CLU 740. For more information, see the SAP Application Development Partner Directory.

Performance Improvements with PBO-Optimised SAP Kernels

The PBO-optimised SAP kernels for 742 and 745 on Solaris SPARC are now available on SAP Support Portal and downloadable as part of the disp+work package. They are valid for 742 as of patch level 27 and for 745 as of patch level 313. For more information, see SAP Note 2246204 Profile-Based Optimization on Oracle Solaris.

You can find the kernels on the SAP Support Portal here:

  • SAP Support Portal -> Support Packages and Patches - K" -> SAP KERNEL 64-BIT UNICODE" -> SAP KERNEL 7.45 64-BIT UNICODE -> Solaris on SPARC 64bit -> Database independent -> dw_27-80000780.sar
  • SAP Support Portal -> Support Packages and Patches - K" -> SAP KERNEL 64-BIT UNICODE" -> SAP KERNEL 7.42 64-BIT UNICODE -> Solaris on SPARC 64bit -> Database independent -> dw_314-20012206.sar

You can find information on whether PBO is used in "Output" of disp+work in the line "compiled on". This information is valid for 742 and 745 as well as for 721_EXT as of PL 618 and for 722_EXT as of PL 20.

New White Paper "Using the Oracle Solaris Compliance Tool for SAP Installation"

This paper provides instructions and best practices for a new Oracle Solaris 11 feature, the compliance report. Organizations such as banks, hospitals, and governments have specialized compliance requirements. Auditors, who are unfamiliar with an operating system, can struggle to match security controls with requirements. Therefore, tools that map security controls to requirements can reduce time and costs by assisting auditors. The simple-to-use Oracle Solaris tool provides users with not only reporting but also simple instructions on how to mitigate any compliance test failure, and also provides compliance report templates. You can download the white paper here.

New White Paper "Virtualization Monitoring in Oracle Solaris Zones"

Many SAP customers who run SAP on Solaris are using Zones as a flexible and efficient way to virtualize their IT infrastructure. Now we have a new white paper on how to manage and monitor Zones, written by an expert with an SAP background. You can download it here.

Solaris FAQ Published as SAP Note 2136441

To answer the most common questions about SAP on Oracle Solaris 11, we have created SAP Note 2136441 - SAP on Solaris 11: FAQ, which has links to relevant SAP Notes or documentation.
This is not an exhaustive list of all topics concerning SAP on Oracle Solaris. If you cannot find satisfactory answers to your questions here, you can search for other SAP Notes or contact your support representative.

Best Practices for Using ZFS Snapshot and Rollback with SAP Applications

There is a new white paper available for download describing Solaris best practices for using ZFS snapshot and rollback with SAP applications. This paper provides instructions and best practices on how to create and manage ZFS snapshot and rollback within the local zone on Oracle Solaris 10 and 11. ZFS snapshot and rollback is the best way to revert to a stable setting of deployments and applications after any system modification.

You can download the new white paper here.

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