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SAP Business Process Management

Process Management Lifecycle


Business Process LifecycleBringing a new business process to life, modifying or optimizing an existing business process, and continually innovating a business process all involve a similar set of phases and activities. The business process lifecycle visually depicts this ongoing circle of these activities.

The lifecycle includes the following phases:

  1. UDDI - SAP Developer Network (SDN)
    • Analyzing the current environment and any current processes that may be in place
    • Identifying needs and defining requirements
  2. Business Process Cycle: Design Phase
    • Evaluating potential solutions to meet the identified needs
    • Designing the business process
    • Modeling the business process
  3. Business Process Cycle Implement Phase
    • Project preparation
    • Blueprinting
    • Realization
    • Final preparation
    • Go live and support
  4. Run and Monitor phase
    • Executing or deploying the business process
    • Monitoring the business process

Note that a separate optimize phase is unnecessary, since process optimization takes place throughout all of the phases.

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