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Integration and Certification Center

SAP Integration and Certification Center


What is an integration certification?

Integration certification is an open program where we certify the application or solution built by SAP Partners or Independent Software vendors (ISVs). Software solutions that have SAP-certified integrations are based on SAP-endorsed integration technologies and integrate via stable interfaces. ISVs also gain the necessary consulting and test system access to complete their certification projects. The integration certification helps to ensure high-quality integration of third-party products and a smooth flow of business data through SAP software and SAP components via open interfaces. You can contact us at  or directly Apply for Integration Certification.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) was established in 1996 to support the integration certification services offered to various Sap Partners and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

SAP ICC's Mission:

  • Facilitate seamless integration of SAP partner software
  • Shorten implementation times, lower integration costs, and achieve compatibility with the infrastructure of customers using SAP technology
  • Ensure a high quality SAP ecosystem of partners¬† that contribute to the comprehensive value proposition and innovation sources for our customers
  • Leverage SAP branding and momentum
  • Help SAP Partners to accelerate the market ramp-up cycle

SAP ICC's Services:

  • Third-Party solution certification and assessments
  • Enablement support services (enablement and consulting)
  • Test System Access

Why integration certification?

Certified integrations are generally more release-stable, pre-tested by SAP, could lead to reduced implementation time and in most cases also ensure smoother release upgrades for SAP customers. SAP-endorsed Integration scenarios offer a variety of opportunities that enable certification of third-party products, including:

  • SAP predefined integration scenarios and certification - Offers well-defined, standard scenarios for third-party integration, including details on documentation, interfaces, and release information.
  • Third-party defined integration scenarios and certification - Evaluates and tests integration scenarios developed by the ISV, based on an Integration Assessment which verifies that the integration uses SAP-endorsed integration technologies.
  • ABAP add-on certification - Certifies third-party applications developed in ABAP through a special certification process that uses the ABAP Add-on Assembly Kit.

Helpful Links to start the step by step certification process:

Other Services Offered by SAP ICC

Useful links on various integration scenarios offered for certification:-

SAP NetWeaver Platform Deployment

- ABAP Add-Ons

- J2EE/Java EE Deployment

- Master Data Management

SAP NetWeaver Platform Integration

- Alerts and Monitoring- Messaging

- Archive and Backup - Security

- Background Processing, Output Management and Test Tools

- Business Intelligence

- Business Communication (Telephony, Fax, E-Mail, Address Services)

- Knowledge Management

- NetWeaver Mobile

- Technology and Tools

- XML Communication

Business Applications Integration

- Financials

- Human Resources

- Industry Solutions

- Packaged Composite Applications

- Product Life-Cycle Management

- RFID/Auto-ID Infrastructure

- SAP Solution Manager

- Supplier Relationship Management

- Supply Chain Management

SME Integration

- SAP Business One

Hardware Certifications

- Point of Sale - Hardware Certification

Service-Oriented Architecture

-Enterprise Services Bundles

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