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Partner-delivered Enterprise Services

An SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab Network Initiative

Deploying and integrating new functions into an SOA-compliant customer landscape is strongly simplified by the use of SAP's SOA methodology. There are mainly three reasons:

  • Ease of technical communication via data type alignment across solution boundaries by means of Global Data Types (GDTs).
  • Ease of integration of partner solutions into enterprise SOA-based customer scenarios with common business semantics. 
  • Ease of understanding through clear structuring of exposed solution functionality according to interface patterns.

Consequently, methodology-compliant services delivered by SAP partners form one of the main building blocks of SAP's SOA strategy resulting in the co-innovation initiative Partner-delivered Enterprise Services (PdES) which was kicked off mid of 2007. After enabling a first set of 16 pilot partners in 2008, the initiative reached a major milestone in 2009 by offering partners a new certification, the Enterprise Services Content certification (NW-ESR-CNT) for A2X services. Since then the initiative focusses on enabling selected partners to drive deeper adoption of SAP' SOA methodology by enabling full solution scenarios (e.g. CONET, Nakisa, Accenture). In collaboration with SAP's SOA governance team and the Integration and Certification Center (ICC), COIL created the ruleset for a certification for synchronous A2X services. In 2009, the first partners successfully finished their solutions. Have a look at the Certified Solutions and their exposed service interfaces. Nakisa enables its solution SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa with full set of Partner-delivered Enterprise Services.  -  In the frame of SAP's initiative Partner-delivered Enterprise Services, SAP partner Nakisa continued on the journey they embarked on already in 2008. Nakisa created a full set of SAP methodology-compliant services around their well-established solution "SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa". Have a look at Nakisa's Partner-delivered Enterprise Services model entities here. The new service set comprises of two Process Components around four Business Objects providing altogether 17 operations. In 2009, Accenture joined SAP's global initiative Partner-delivered Enterprise Services with the goal to make SAP's SOA methodology a key element of their SOA practice. COIL enabled the Accenture Innovation Center (AIC) for SAP located in Bangalore to in the end define and implement three scenarios in the industries Utilities, Automotive and Oil & Gas and Retail. Go for a deep dive into the Accenture PdES scenarios and the provided SAP SOA methodology-compliant services.

Getting started

If this enticed you and you would like to embark yourself on the path to PdES, have a look at our Getting Started document!

As a starting point you may want to read about SOA in a nutshell.

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