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Co-Innovation Lab Technical Landscape Provisioning

Technical landscape provisioning for projects

The typical scenario for a COIL project is a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a new and innovative way of integrating your solutions with SAP' business solutions, may it be on the technical level or on the level of the business process. In either case, the PoC will always require a technical landscape to install and integrate all required technical components for the actual PoC tests.

Based on your input from the project request form, the COIL data center experts will analyze these technical landscape requirements and define a landscape architecture with required SAP components (e.g. NW CE, ECC 6.0, BeX Analyzer, Sybase Unwired Platform, etc.) and room for your solution installations.

COIL provides a modern, state-of-the-art data center architecture for virtual landscape provisioning. Each project landscape is securely set up in its own network segment within the COIL DMZ and is therefore isolated from landscapes of other parallel projects. You will be able to access the landscape using assigned users for VPN access.

For each project a project landing page is generated, from where you can access standard tools for SAP solution access or simple RDP access to an "empty" vitrtul machine for your own solution installation. Below you see a screenshot for a simple example of a landscape simply consisting of a SAP HANA server and a Windows virtual machine containing chiefly the SAP HANA Studio to access the first:

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