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SAP Business Process Management

Service Composition

Service Composition involves the development of customized services often by discovering, integrating, and executing existing services.  It's not only about consuming services, however, but also about providing services. This can be done in such a way that already existing services are orchestrated into one or more new services that fit better to your composite application. Additionally this can be done with the help of creating new services based on business logic programmed in Java. SAP's Composite Application Framework enables you to do all these jobs around Service Composition fast, easily, and with high efficiency.  The main development tool is SAP's NetWeaver Developer Studio (SAP NWDS).

The resources on this page show how services can be composed and/or created to support your composite application development projects.

Composite Application Framework

The Composite Application Framework (CAF) is part of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1. It helps to realize the clear separation between the process and user-interaction-related components on the one hand, and the actual business logic provided as services on the other. CAF is one important step towards reaching the goal ESA (Enterprise Services Architecture) and the model-based development of business applications.CAF is a standardized platform for developing all needed components of the service and object layer of a composite application.

These components are:
  • Business Objects (Entity Services)
  • Business Logic (Application Services)
  • Connectivity to external services (Web Services and BAPI/RFC, local and remote persistency)
  • Service Provisioning

CAF also provides a comprehensive toolbox that includes:
  • Programming abstractions
  • A programming model
  • Metadata
  • Authorization concepts
  • Modeling of relationships between business objects
  • Integrated into lifecycle management SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (SAP NWDI)

The key instrument to work with CAF is the SAP NetWeaver Development Studio (SAP NWDS).  It is based on Eclipse and is enhanced with SAP plug-ins. One of these plug-ins offers the Composite Application Perspective that enables the creation of CAF projects.

This SOA-based (Service-Oriented Architecture) environment enables developers to build applications that leverage the whole SAP NetWeaver stack without the need to feed low-level APIs. That way, developers can focus on implementing the business logic of a composite application.

Getting Started
Service Composition in the SAP Composite Application Framework - An Overview 
This presentation provides an overview of the Service Composition capabilities in the SAP NetWeaver Composite Application Framework (CAF), a part of SAP's Composition Environment.  SAP CAF is a methodology and toolset for building and managing composite applications, leveraging SAP NetWeaver CE capabilities.

Service Composition in the SAP Composite Application Framework - The Details
This presentation provides full details on the Service Composition capabilities in the SAP NetWeaver Composite Application Framework (CAF).  Learn about modeling business objects and application services, consuming enterprise services in CAF, reusing business objects, and using external classes/libraries.

Composing Services with CAF   (in SAP Help Portal)
This documentation describes in detail the concepts and tasks of creating composite applications with the Composite Application Framework (CAF). You will learn how you can use the Composite Application perspective of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to create applications with as little programming as possible. That means reduced development and deployment time for new applications and business-pattern-oriented integration.

Meet-the-Experts: Composite Application Methodology: Specifying and Designing Composite Applications 
This document is associated with the Composition "Meet the Experts" session from March 7, 2007. The session focuses on how a business expert, solution manager, or product manager should specify a composite application so that an architect or a developer knows how it should be implemented.

More Information On Service Composition

Composite Application Architecture: Introduction and Basic Overview
This guide from SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Product Management provides guidelines for the architecture of composite applications.

Guidelines for Specifying Composite Applications
This paper describes a methodology and provides a set of forms that can be used to specify composite applications that can be built with SAP’s composite toolset.

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