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SAP Certification Gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace by becoming SAP certified.

Around the world, specially-trained lecturers and professors are teaching the universally-recognized professional SAP certification program, TERP10, to their students.

Graduates of this program enjoy the many benefits and opportunities of being an SAP certified expert including the advantage of belonging to a global community with a highly-valued qualification, promoting their proficiency in understanding of SAP software solutions.

TERP10 Certification The Global Baseline Certification

The certification academy (TERP10) serves as the global baseline certification standard for the SAP University Alliances program. This hands-on certification provides students with more breadth and a deeper understanding of all functional areas within SAP software.

From TERP10 a student has roadmaps to continue their SAP education depending on specific skills, work experiences, and interests.

If you would like to bring TERP10 to your university please contact your local University Alliances program representative.

Don't Have the Time or the Budget
for Traditional Classroom Based Courses?

SAP Education is now offering eAcademies and Virtual Classroom Training. These opportunities allow for cutting-edge training without the travel and more flexibility.


eAcademies programs allows for participants to learn and train when and where they like. Self-paced e-learnings, a ready to access SAP training systems, a help desk, and handbook help to guide students through the certification process.


Virtual Classroom Trainings provides comprehensive hands-on training taught by SAP experts that can be attended from any location around the world.

SAP Certification Levels

To help you drive the most value from certification opportunities, SAP is now offering multi-tiered certification paths for specific subjects.


In addition, employers can assign resources based on more clearly-defined benchmarks, which are mapped and validated on the basis of job tasks.

SAP Certification Focus Areas

Beyond TERP10, lecturers and students can continue with comprehensive offerings from SAP Education including:


Certification focus areas - application, technology, and development - allow you to refine your search for courses while still


Students can take certification testing on campus, if it is organized that way, or optionally at Pearson VUE.  Check with your professor to confirm the best approach.