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Content Sharing in SAP Netweaver Portal

By sharing content (formerly known as "Federated Portal Network (FPN)") between portals, organizations can provide users at each location with a single portal access point. From each portal configured as an access point, the users are able to access information, services and applications distributed on portals throughout the entire organizational network.

General Information

New!: SAP NetWeaver 7.3: Content Sharing with SAP NetWeaver Portal 

This presentation will guide you through the different options for content consumption between SAP NetWeaver Portals and the recommended approach for each scenario. It also reflects the new capabilities of SAP NetWeaver 7.3.See also this blog: Content Sharing Between SAP NetWeaver Portals

How to Copy SAP Systems in a Federated Portal Network

Provides guidelines for using the SAP system copy procedures to copy SAP servers that are integrated in a federated portal network (FPN) so that functionality of remote-based content and relationships between the new systems are maintained.

published on 15. July 2009

Testing Applications

Two guides provide guidelines for setting up a basic federated portal network (FPN) environment in which you can test your portal applications within this landscape setup:

published on 23. June 2009

Composition Environment and SAP NetWeaver Portal Integration   (Time 22:35 Min)

This presentation outlines how you can integrate applications from your SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Composition Environment (CE) into your central SAP NetWeaver Portal. It shows the different options integration via UWL, Application Integrator, Federated Portal Network (FPN) and provides recommendations. Available in PDF format as well.

published on 10. June 2009

BW Java and SAP NetWeaver Portal Integration   (Time 19:57 Min)

This eLearning discusses how to integrate BW reports into an SAP NetWeaver Portal. Different integration options (application integration and federated portal network) are described, including advantages, disadvantages and recommendations. Available in PDF format as well.

published on 06. April 2009

Detailed Topics

Overview: Federated Portal Network 

General information about FPN and the most useful links to general considerations, FAQ, Overview presentations.

Configuring a Federated Portal Network 

Various Information - articles, presentations, links to documentation, blogs - about configuration steps of FPN.

Content Usage Modes

Remote Role Assignment 

Links to documentation, articles, presentations, screen recordings, blogs ... about using Remote Role Assignment within a Federated Portal Network.

Remote Delta Links 

Information about Remote Delta Links in the context of implementing a federated portal network, like presentations, screen recordings, articles.

Remote Application Integration 

Various information about Remote Application Integration, which is a content sharing mode that is currently only available for integration of BI reports.

WSRP Application Sharing 

Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) enables you to integrate portlets from Non-SAP portals into an SAP NetWeaver Portal - more details and material about the SAP implementation of this standard.

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