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Overview: Implementing A Federated Portal Network

Within a federated portal network you can share content between autonomous SAP NetWeaver portals. You can share content with Non-SAP portals leveraging the standard Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) too. The FPN tools allow the implementation of different portal landscape setups and use cases, but landscape considerations in the federation should be taken into account. Information about these considerations is available in the links below.

Basic Information

TechEd Sessions UP106 & UP217 (SAP TechED recordings)

In the TechEd Sessions 2008 2 presentations covered FPN in detail:

  • UP106: Global Portal Implementations - This session covers aspects and considerations especially important in portals with worldwide user groups. Some of the topics that will be introduced are role-based access, application integration, Federated Portal Network, and Accelerated Application Delivery for SAP NetWeaver. This session will also describe how they fit together and what is useful for various implementation scenarios.
  • UP217: SAP NetWeaver Portal Implementation Considerations and Content Sharing Capabilities within Federated Portal Network (FPN) - This sessions will give you the opportunity to learn about the various alternatives to consider in SAP portal landscapes. How and when to use the various FPN content sharing modes including Remote Delta Links, Remote Role Assignment, Remote Application Integration, and WSRP and their implications. It will also go through other technical and non-technical implementation considerations.

Please watch those 2 sessions in order to get the latest overview over global portal implementations overall and the federated portal network in particular.

Presentation - FPN Comprehensive Overview

Here you can find the latest information on use cases for FPN landscapes, the tools available and some general landscape considerations to be taken into account.

An Introduction to Federated Portal Network (FPN)

The term “Federated Portal Network” (FPN) is widely spread at the moment, although there is sometimes some confusion about the supported functionality, available tools and benefits. Jana Richter explains the general ideas and use cases of FPN and the course of this blog series more details will follow.

Related Documentation

Documentation - Portal Scenarios Implementing a Federated Portal Network

This documentation provides an overview of the Implementing a Federated Portal Network scenario variant, which is part of the Portal scenarios.

Central Note - Federated Portal Network  

Within SAP note 880482 you will get information about known integration issues, workarounds, updated information and restrictions for FPN.

Additional Readings & Detailed Information

Composition Environment and SAP NetWeaver Portal Integration   (Presentation, 22:35 min)

This presentation outlines how you can integrate applications from your SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Composition Environment (CE) into your central SAP NetWeaver Portal. It shows the different options integration via UWL, Application Integrator, Federated Portal Network (FPN) and provides recommendations. Available in PDF format as well.

BW Java and SAP NetWeaver Portal Integration   (eLearning, 19:57 min)

This eLearning discusses how to integrate BW reports into an SAP NetWeaver Portal. Different integration options (application integration and federated portal network) are described, including advantages, disadvantages and recommendations. Available in PDF format as well.

How to Deploy SAP NetWeaver - Guidance for better System Landscape Designs  

In this blog you will learn how SAP drives landscape governance to ease the planning of your solution landscape layout. SAP is going to provide clear recommendations how to deploy SAP NetWeaver within a system landscape. This blog describes the approach and provides deployment recommendations for SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here you can find commonly asked questions for implementing a federated portal network. It includes general questions as well as specific questions about Remote Role Assignment, Remote Delta Links, Remote Application Integration and WSRP content sharing.

FPN - An inside Look, 3 parts   ,/p>

Milton Gosh, NetWeaver consultant for HCL Technologies Kolkata, published 3 articles giving insights into various FPN topics.

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