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Remote Role Assignment

With the content usage mode Remote Role Assignment, you can reduce the administrative effort on the consumer portal to a minimum. The applications as well as the portal content (iView, pages, worksets, and roles) are built on the producer portal. On the consumer portal, you can assign users to roles residing on a producer portal with the standard UME tools. In order to learn more about RRA you can have a look at the links below.

Basic Information

Presentation - Remote Role Assignment 
PDF presentationWithin this presentation you learn the basic concepts of Remote Role Assignment (RRA). Moreover, a screenflow illustrates the designtime and runtime of RRA.

Demo - Configure Remote Role Assignment   (Rich media, 03:41 minutes)
Within this screencam you will learn how to use content usage mode Remote Role Assignment from SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) SPS 09 and onwards.

Related Documentation

Documentation - Workflow Remote Role Assignment   (Link to SAP Documentation in Help Portal)
This topic in the SAP documentation describes the basic activities that must be performed by administrators on a producer and consumer portal in order to allow a user administrator on the consumer portal to assign users to remote roles that are defined, configured, and maintained on the producer portal.

Additional Readings & Detailed Information

FPN Part III - Sharing Content between SAP NetWeaver Portals   (Blog)
In the third part of the FPN blog series Jana Richter explains the options for sharing content between SAP NetWeaver Portals. The blog explains Remote Role Assignment and Remote Delta Links and compares those 2 modes.

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