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Remote Delta Links

With the content usage mode Remote Delta Links you can reuse different kinds of pcd objects like iViews, pages, worksets, and roles in your consumer portal from a remote location. Some content is maintained on a producer (like iViews and pages). On the consumer portal you can create delta-links to this remote content and adjust properties according to your needs. The runtime execution of the content still remains on its origin - the producer portal. More information is available on the links below.

Basic Information

Presentation - Remote Delta Links
Within this presentation you learn about the basic ideas and runtime flow of Remote Delta Links (RDL). Moreover, a screenshot series shows the designtime and runtime experience of RDL.

FPN Part III - Sharing Content between SAP NetWeaver Portals   (Blog)
In the third part of the FPN blog series Jana Richter explains the options for sharing content between SAP NetWeaver Portals. The blog explains Remote Role Assignment and Remote Delta Links and compares those 2 modes.

Related Documentation

Documentation - Workflow Remote Delta Links  (Link to SAP Documentation in Help Portal)
This topic in SAP documentation describes the basic activities performed by administrators on a producer and consumer portal, which enable a content administrator on the consumer portal to copy remote content as delta links from the producer portal, and to then reuse and customize the content locally.

Additional Readings & Detailed Information

eLearning - Diagnosing Remote Delta Link Problems   (eBook)
This presentation together with are showing how to solve and diagnose problems related to Remote Delta Links (RDL).

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