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Remote Application Integration

This new content usage mode is available since SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 13 for BI report integration only. It offers means to run applications/reports only on the producer portal without creating any portal content there. All portal content creation and maintenance can be done through the consumer portal with an iView wizard offered in Portal Content Studio. More details including presentations, screencams and recommended readings is available here.

Basic Information

eLearning & Presentation - Remote Application Integration   (Rich media, 3.8 MB, 11:48 minutes)
PDF PresentationIn this eLearning you will learn about the basics of RAI and it’s positioning in comparison to the existing content usage modes. Also available in document format: Introduction Remote Application Integration.

Demo - Remote Application Integration (Rich media, 12.1 MB, 4:46 minutes)

This screen cam shows you how to create a connection between producer and consumer portal. In a second step, you will see how Remote Application Integration works during design time and runtime.

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