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WSRP Application Sharing

The Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) standard defines how to share portlets between different portal vendors. With the SAP NetWeaver Portal you can consume compliant Non-SAP portlets as iViews. You can produce WSRP compliant content for Non-SAP portals too. More information on the standard itself and the implementation aspects in an SAP NetWeaver environment is available on the links below.

Basic Information

Presentation - SAP NetWeaver Portal WSRP Support
PDF PresentationThis document describes the current status of WSRP support within the SAP NetWeaver Portal and shows how to leverage this content sharing mode. Additionally, known limitations with regards to the standard and the support of SAP NetWeaver content are explained in detail.

Demo - Configure WSRP Application Sharing  (Rich media, 4:11 minutes)

Within this screencam you will learn how to integrate portlets from Non-SAP portal vendors into the SAP NetWeaver Portal. It shows how to configure the system setup as well as how to integrate individual portlets into SAP-based portal content.

Demo - IBM WebSphere Portal Consumes SAP NetWeaver Content  (Rich media, 11:01 min)

In this demo you can follow the process of IBM WebSphere Portal interacting and consuming SAP NetWeaver Portal content that was developed using the PDK .Net toolkit of Microsoft.

Related Documentation

Documentation - Developing WSRP Compliant Applications   (in SAP Help Portal)
This section provides guidelines for NetWeaver developers to create WSRP- compliant content. Developers could create portal (PRT) applications when aiming to develop WSRP-compliant content.

Documentation - Workflow WSRP Applications Sharing   (in SAP Help Portal)
This topic in the SAP documentation describes the basic activities that must be performed by administrators on a producer and consumer portal in order to allow a user administrator on the consumer portal to assign users to remote roles that are defined, configured, and maintained on the producer portal.

Additional Readings & Detailed Information

OASIS: WSRP Technical Committee   (external link)
This is a link to the official Web page from technical committee of OASIS which defines the WSRP standard. Its mission is: "Standardizing presentation-oriented Web services for use by aggregating intermediaries, such as portals".

Getting Started with WSRP   (Article)
This article starts with explaining how to access portlets of other portals in a distributed environment. Within this frame, the Web Service for Remote Portlets (WSRP) specification 1.0 is presented and its four interfaces are explained.

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