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SAP Enterprise Portal

SAP Enterprise Portal: Managing Portal Content

The Web-based environment of the portal provides the business users in your organization secure access to a wide array of applications, information, and services, such as ERP, analytics, business intelligence, and document repositories. The single sign-on (SSO) capabilities of the portal, its unified environment, and its role-based content delivery, provide users with the tools they need to perform their daily tasks.

To make all this content available is the task of a Content Administrator.

See also the information in the SAP Library on
Content Administration.

Working As a Content Administrator
Providing Uniform Content Access
This presentation shows a process description how content can be created and integrated into the SAP NetWeaver Portal. In addition some examples for portal content are shown.

SAP NetWeaver Portal - Providing Uniform Content Access in Detail
This presentation shows in depth how content creation in the SAP NetWeaver Portal works. It gives an overview on the different tools that are available for content creation. The tools are made for different use cases or types of users. In addition, the
portal content studio is explained and some screenhots show step-by-step examples on how to create content.

Integrating Content into your Portal (Providing Uniform Content Access)
This presentation shows how you can create and integrate content into your SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Integration of Predefined Portal Content

Apart from building content on your own, you have also the possibilty to integrate predefined portal content into SAP NetWeaver Portal. The Portal Content Portfolio is your location for getting an overview on the predefined, packaged portal content delivered by SAP. This business content consists of iViews bundled into hundreds of role-specific business packages based on solutions from SAP.

Special Scenarios for Portal Content Integration

This blogs describes SAP best practice for integrating SAP applications into the SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0.

This eLearning discusses how to integrate BW reports into an SAP NetWeaver Portal. Different integration options (application integration and federated portal network) are described, including advantages, disadvantages and recommendations. Available in PDF format as well.

This presentation outlines how you can integrate applications from your SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Composition Environment (CE) into your central SAP NetWeaver Portal. It shows the different options integration via UWL, Application Integrator, Federated Portal Network (FPN) and provides recommendations. Available in PDF format as well.

Integration of Webdynpro Java Applications

Have a look at this blog series about the integration of WebDynpro Java Applications into SAP NetWeaver Portal:

Portal Content Modeling

Portal Content Modeling

Within this page you will find details about portal content modeling kit for Visual Composer - a feature available in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 .

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