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SAP Enterprise Portal

The New Portal Capabilities in SAP NetWeaver 7.3


In this section you find information on the portal capabilities in the new SAP NetWeaver release SAP NetWeaver 7.3, which is generally available since May 30, 2011. This new release introduces the new portal capabilities and various improvements in the area of business user empowerment and productivity, usability and collaboration, content integration and management as well as an overall reduction of the total cost of ownership (performance and administration effort).

In the following paragraphs you find a description of the main areas of innovations in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and you find links to the documentation and demos.

Overview Information

Overview information on the portal capabilities in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 can be found in the following documents:

Unified Access to Applications and Processes

SAP Enterprise Portal introduces an improved integration layer for SAP, Business Objects and non-SAP applications & reports while maintaining low cost of operations and administration. Customers can implement Business Process Portals by easily integrating composite applications (e.g. CE) as well as business processes and workflow items (e.g. from BPM) into the portal.

Key Capabilities:

  • Simplified portal content creation and maintenance
  • Advanced wizards for role upload, content creation and transport
  • Simplified system landscape management and directory synchronization
  • Process desk provides access to necessary end-user functionality (alerts, notifications, workitems) in central Universal Worklist.
  • New state-of-the-art default ajax framework page
  • Unified transport and change recording for portal content through integration with the SAP Change and Transport System (CTS+).
  • Customized error pages and administration traceability
  • Advanced caching and memory consumption capabilities

For more information see the presentation: SAP NetWeaver Portal: Unified Access to Application and Processes. For information on the new ajax framework page see this presentation: Modern User Experience with the New AJAX Framework.

Managing and Mashing Up Portal Pages with Web Page Composer

The enhanced Web Page Composer (WPC) enables managed content scenarios for key users from the line of business to easily create and mash up enriched portal pages, blending business applications and user-generated content using intuitive authoring services.

Key Capabilities:

  • Intuitive run time authoring environment
  • Staging area for live and draft content
  • Time-based publication & recall of pages
  • Approval workflow for pages
  • Interactive (mashup) portal pages using connections
  • Searching & tagging pages
  • Easy integration and re-use of existing portal content
  • Advanced runtime capabilities
  • Flexible permission model for delegation
  • Customization options

For more information see the Web Page Composer Overview Presentation. See also the Web Content Management.

Collaborate in Enterprise Workspaces

SAP Enterprise Portal, enterprise workspaces are an add-on to SAP Enterprise Portal. They are intended to provide a flexible, intuitive environment on top of the SAP Portal, which allows business users to integrate, organize and use various content such as applications, reports, dashboards, web content and documents either from SAP or Non-SAP systems.

For more information see this SCN overview document on Enterprise Workspaces.

Building Communities with Wikis and Forums

Wikis and forums provide a framework to easily share and contribute knowledge and information in an intuitive way within the company by giving employees, customers, suppliers and partners a framework to collaborative writing and help to save time by making ideas available, sharing knowledge and managing related information. Forums are already available since SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 12 and the SAP NetWeaver 7.3 release contains some new functions. The wiki application is new in SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and is not available in SAP NetWeaver 7.0.

Key Capabilities:

  • Integral part of SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Easy and intuitive creation of wiki pages
  • Governance by access control and permission concept
  • Content control executed by administrator
  • User control on collaboration with other users
  • Customer branding
  • Moderation support and approval processes
  • Global search and tagging
  • Versioning control
  • Self-Publishing by contributors

The SAP Portal Content and Site Management by OpenText

The SAP Portal Content and Site Management by OpenText is a new offering based on SAP NetWeaver 7.3. It helps you streamline content management processes by integrating content with the workflows and resources available in the SAP NetWeaver Portal component. It improves the efficiency of content creation, management, and storage processes while supporting user collaboration and communication.

For more information, see this SCN overview document on SAP Portal Content and Site Management by OpenText.

Content Management Scenarios in Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management (KM) is the basic content services within SAP Enterprise Portal. It provides the basic capabilities that customers need to run their scenarios as well as extension framework for custom implementations.

Key Capabilities:

  • TCO improvements
  • Archiving
  • Multiple upload
  • New risk analysis and housekeeping reports
  • Hot Configurable Components
  • ACL indexing

For more information on the new features in SAP NetWeaver 7.3, see the presentation Overview Knowledge Management.

Mobile Enablement

For more information see this SCN overview document.

Portal Landscape Interoperability and Openness

SAP Enterprise Portal introduces extended integration capabilities for SAP and non-SAP content, both into the SAP Portal and for 3rd party Portals.
Key Capabilities

  • Support of JSR 168/ 286, WSRP 1.0
  • Support of SAML 1.0 and 2.0
  • Java EE 5 and Java SE 6 support
  • Integration of SAP BusinessObjects reports via the Portal Integration Kit
  • Exposing the portal navigation structure via a dedicated Web Service
  • Advanced capabilities for consuming SAP application into 3rd party portals

Complementary Partner Solutions

SAP Enterprise Portal 7.3 extends support for various open frameworks for integration of third party content and services. In addition partners can leverage APIs to build complementary solutions on top of the portal's capabilities.
Key Capabilities for Integration:

  • Portal Content Model and Directory
  • Navigation Connectors / Web Service
  • KM Repository Manager
  • JSP Tag Library and Ajax LShape-API
  • Connectors for UWL, Collaboration Services
  • JSR 168, 286, WSRP
  • Java APIs



  • Demo on Web Page Composer: you can see how easy you can create, edit and publish web pages in the Portal.

SAP Enterprise Portal Blogs

See the SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 Blogs SDN page.

Documentation, Release Notes and How-To Guides

For more detailed information see SAP Portal 7.3: Documentation and Guides.

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