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SAP Enterprise Portal

Best Practices for SAP Enterprise Portal 7.30

SAP Enterprise Portal offers a stable and flexible platform for running multiple, business-critical business scenarios.  In this section you find a summary of SAP's experience from various projects of different industry and scale and some best practices for different phases of a portal implemententation project.

Best Practices for Project Management

In this section you will get information on strategic aspects of a portal implementation and how you can position a portal successfully in your enterprise.

Planning and Succeeding with your SAP NetWeaver Portal Project
Based on various customer projects, this presentations aims at providing some general information and guidance for successfully implementing an enterprise portal. Starting with a clear vision and strategy, we show how you can define step-by-step a clear roadmap including the concrete work packages.

ASAP Implementation Roadmap for SAP Enterprise Portal   (SMP Login Required)
This presentation provides guidance for the implementation teams embarking on implementation project of SAP NetWeaver Portal Solution. The roadmap is a subset of the ASAP Implementation Roadmap and covers steps specific for portal implementation. If your project includes other SAP Solutions we recommend to use the full ASAP Implementation Roadmap.

This presentation explains the important aspects of a global portal implementation. It focuses on the central portal set-up as the main use case of implemented global portals. And it gives you the opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of other implementations as well.

Succeeding with your SAP NetWeaver Portal Project - Best Practices for Design, Composition, and Operation (SAP Press Publication):
This exclusive technical guide helps you to avoid typical pitfalls when implementing SAP NetWeaver Portal across various departments in your company. You will uncover proven techniques for developing successful portal strategies and business cases, delve deeply into the details of portal governance, and learn how to design your own processes and structures, based on tried and tested organizational models.

Best Practices for Administration

This section will give you information on best practices for Portal administration.

SAP NetWeaver Portal Administration - Best Practices: Now that you have built and rolled out your SAP NetWeaver Portal, how do you maintain it? Hear about the latest tools available to help you keep your system running at its best. This session will cover the areas of monitoring, change management, central configuration, and testing and tuning.

Best Practices for Customizing the Look & Feel

This section will give you an overview of the different tools and services fo customize the look and feel of the portal.

Changing the Look & Feel of the SAP NetWeaver Portal: SAP NetWeaver Portal offers various tools and services to fully customize look and feel (including framework pages, quick links, and navigation iViews) to meet your corporate branding requirements. This presentation will provide an overview on the different levels of customization and practical examples that illustrate the potential.

Examples of Portal implementations:
In this Google search result list you can find examples of SAP NetWeaver Portal implementations.

Best Practices for Performance

This section will give you an overview on best practices for performance.

Best Practices Performance Guide for SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0: The best practices guide for SAP NetWeaver Portal provides practical as well as conceptual information to help customers improve portal performance. The guide encompasses a variety of portal-related areas, including configuration guidelines for the server and the client, portal runtime, navigation, the Portal Content Directory, as well as hardware sizing information.

FEATURED EVENTS: This presentation will give you detailed information on portal content from a performance perspective.

Best Practices for Interoperability with Other Portal Vendors

Have a look at our interoperability with other portal vendors:IBM


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