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BI116 Embedded Analytics for SAP Business Suite Customers (Chinese)

This session will provide an overview of the upcoming integration of SAP BusinessObjects products into the SAP Business Suite to deliver embedded analytics as part of your everyday business processes. Key learning points: 1. Customers will learn about the upcoming integration between SAP BusinessObjects and the SAP Business Suite. 2. Customers will learn how to leverage Crystal Reports and Xcelsius in an SAP Business Suite process. 3. Customers will learn how to embed analytical content using SAP BusinessObjects tools into their SAP Business Suite applications.
本讲座将概述SAP BusinessObjects产品与SAP商务套件构成的集成,从而使内嵌分析功能成为你日常业务流程的一部分.其中的关键点

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Duration: 02:00:00

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