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Web Dynpro ABAP Tutorial: ACFUpDownload and ACFExecute

In this eLearning, we continue a theme from the previous eLearning when we discuss alternative ways to upload files. In this episode we explore the new ACFUpDownload UI element that came in NetWeaver 7.01.


<a  href="/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/70645070-bb00-2c10-f086-f126721acdb4" target="_blank">presentation</a>
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This new UI element is intended for usage only with KPRO and SAP Content and Cache Server. However in this eLearning we show how you can write your own ICM Handler Class so that you can perform silient, multiple file uploads and downloads directly to/from your ABAP Application Server. We also use the new ACFExecute UI element to launch programs on the users' desktop. Finally we show how to setup the security whitelist in order to use these new UI Elements.

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Duration: 23:35:30