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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

SAP for BusinessObjects Experts: Part 4 - Natural Integration Points Between SAP and BusinessObjects

This is part 4 of a 4 part series on SAP for BusinessObjects experts. In this part we explain a few examples of simple integration between the two products to meet specific needs. This part explains two demos that highlight the combination of the SAP Business Suite with SAP Technology, including SAP BusinessObjects and SAP NetWeaver.

See the demos for

<a  href="/irj/scn/elearn?rid=/library/uuid/70059eb5-14a5-2c10-868c-adecee2ec078&overridelayout=true" target="_blank">slide 3 (MDM and Data Services)</a>
(Time 8:25) and
<a  href="/irj/scn/elearn?rid=/library/uuid/b002104a-0da5-2c10-e392-9ff406a64c5c&overridelayout=true" target="_blank">slide 4 (Extending Solutions)</a>
(Time 3:50)

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Duration: 00:09:15

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