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Technical Enablement - SAP Enterprise Support

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SAP Enterprise Support Academy

The SAP Enterprise Support academy is a newly-launched resource that provides customers with a powerful combination of training, practical experience, and expertise on demand. Offering both Guided Self-Services and Expert-Guided Services, the SAP Enterprise Support academy ensures customers have access to the whole spectrum of skills that are necessary to extract maximum value from their SAP solutions.
Expert-Guided Services are optimized, short-term services to guide customers through technical steps to implement best practices for operations like Expert-Guided Implementation for Application Lifecycle Management in SAP Solution Manager, including basic configuration settings, business process monitoring setup, custom development management, and more.
Expert-Guided services operate in three steps:
  • Empowerment - SAP experts explain step-by-step configuration process and engage in technical knowledge transfer with your IT professionals
  • Execution - where your teams execute demonstrated steps within your own project, on your own SAP solution.
  • Expertise on Demand - provides direct access to an SAP expert to support your team remotely during execution
Guided Self-Services are delivered via SAP Solution Manager and offer customers proven procedures for data volume management, change management, security optimization, business process management and more. They are an integer part of the SAP Enterprise Support engagement methodology.
Learn all about the SAP Enterprise Support academy by clicking here (SAP Service Marketplace login required).

Quality Assurance & Improvement Services

Continuos Quality Check and Improvement Services for SAP Enterprise Support are a customizable remote service portfolio to handle critical situations during the SAP Software lifecycle, such as Go-Live, upgrade, migration, or top issues. Dedicated sets of checks are available for implementation, operations and upgrade life-cycle phases.
Based on your 360° review, applicable continuous quality checks and improvement services for SAP Enterprise Support will be highlighted and in collaboration with SAP Support Advisory the delivery planning, including scheduling and delivery coordination, can be executed.
Learn all about Continuous Quality Checks and Improvement Services by clicking here (SAP Service Marketplace login required).

SAP Enterprise Support Advisory

The SAP Enterprise Support advisory component helps you to holistically understand your situation, jointly define an action plan, to improve your operations and safeguard your implementation projects.
Understanding of the focus areas on top issues for the engagement:
  • Business Processes
  • IT Technology Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Transition into Production
  • 24-hour Schedule Software
  • Solution Change Management
Learn all about Enterprise Support advisory by clicking here (SAP Service Marketplace login required).

Mission Critical Support

Mission Critical Support comprises the following components:1. Service Level AgreementWith SAP Enterprise Support you receive a guaranteed service-level agreement (SLA) on initial reaction time and corrective action, with non-performance penalties to SAP. The service minimizes unforeseen downtime and provides project-planning security.2. Support Advisory CenterThe Support Advisory Center guides your organization through the planning and delivery of SAP Enterprise Support services and makes recommendations to establish high-performance operations. Furthermore it is your single point of contact for your mission-critical support issues during operations or project phases, acts as an escalation level and facilitates 7x24 access to SAP support back-office.3. Production Down SupportIn today's heterogeneous IT landscapes, finding the root cause of an incident can be challenging. The complexity of available access channels, when combined with the multiple backend technologies available, creates a need for a structured approach in order to isolate a problematic component and thereby for the root cause. Furthermore, this approach must be supported by tools that help customers do this as efficiently as possbile and ensure seamless integration of processes at customer site, the SAP ecosystem and the SAP Active Global Support Backoffice, following SAP Best Practices.Learn all about Mission Critical Support by clicking here (SAP Service Marketplace login required).

Application Lifecycle Management with SAP Solution Manager

Application Lifecycle Management provides processes, tools, services, and an organizational model to manage SAP and non-SAP solutions throughout the complete application life cycle. Instead of just focusing on the individual phases, SAP provides a holistic approach. Results of the different phases can be leveraged by other phases due to the integration provided by SAP Solution Manager This helps you to implement your IT solutions faster and operate them at lower cost. View videos demonstrating scope and benefits of Application Life-cycle Management.

Learn all about Application Lifecycle Management and SAP Solution Manager by clicking here (SAP Service Marketplace login required).

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