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To successfully develop, implement, and operate information technology (IT), organizations often focus on developing and outlining processes for managing complexity, mitigating risks, and controlling costs.

Our supplemental support offerings are tailored to individual requirements. These offerings include:

  • SAP MaxAttention support - Our tailored support offering with a full range of services customized for your individual needs, driven by an on-site technical quality manager
  • SAP Safeguarding services - Our project-based offering to help you manage risks and enable the technical robustness of your SAP solutions during implementation, upgrade, and operations.

These offerings help you gain protection for your system performance and stability, flexibility in support options to meet changing needs of your business, and collaboration throughout the entire application lifecycle to successfully secure your operations.

Our support offerings are designed to help you respond to issues and continuously improve your core business processes - all while leveraging your existing solutions and providing the guidance you need to become a best-run business.

More information about Safeguarding and MaxAttention can be found here:

SAP MaxAttention

Based on our longterm experience with customers, we realized that they face increasingly complex IT landscapes combining components from different vendors. Therefore SAP has further enhanced the deliverables of SAP MaxAttention.

If your multinational or global company is ...

  • Running mission-critical solutions 24x7
  • Facing challenging implementation or upgrade projects within a complex solution landscape
  • Identifying top issues that affect key areas of its SAP solutions
  • Outtasking or outsourcing IT activities on a large scale
  • Forced to avoid downtime while making substantial changes
  • Implementing end-to-end solution operations

... We invite you to explore the information in SAP Service Marketplace (login required) to learn more about how SAP MaxAttention positively impacts the continuity of your business.

SAP Safeguarding

SAP Safeguarding offers the tools and services you need to quickly and effectively identify, assess, and mitigate the technical risks involved in realizing your IT projects - implementations, upgrades, migrations, and general operations.We draw upon our more than three decades of experience in supporting thousands of installations worldwide to help you in managing your application's life cycle. We accomplish this by using an on-site technical quality manager who works with you to help you determine the services needed, transfer knowledge across the enterprise, and improve the performance, data consistency, and availability of your IT solution. We use root cause analysis and apply our in-depth knowledge of improving existing SAP system architectures to assess your core business processes, SAP components, interfaces, and key modifications.Through SAP Safeguarding (login required), we can provide you with the tailored expert services you need to address and resolve your specific project needs:

  • Technical quality management - Provides a front office and a technical quality manager for your project, who is your central contact for the SAP Safeguarding engagement
  • SAP support services- Provides tailored services, delivered by on-site and remote teams, that leverage the best practices offered by SAP's Active Global Support organization
  • SAP expertise on-demand - Offers fast on-site or remote access to SAP experts, who can resolve technically complex issues that are often beyond the experience of most organizations' IT departments
  • SAP end-to-end empowering workshops - Support knowledge transfer and efforts to analyze and resolve the complex IT issues involving service and application management

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