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SAP University Alliances - e4s - Production: Master Data Controlling and Production Planning

Production Process

Step 2: Master Data Controlling and Production Planning 

The Master Data Table represents a main reference file of information. Master data records remain in the database for an extended period of time. Master data is shared across application moduals in the SAP-system including: Production Planning and Controlling. 

A. Instructions

The following video (powered by Datango) is an example only. Please click on the "Work Center" link:

Video Demo: Work Center

B. The Situation

You are a trainee (in an internship program) and present in a meeting with the head of both accounting and the production departments.

Head of Accounting Department/Controlling:

"Costs certainly occur in all sectors of our company. We can also manage these expenses in a Cost Center! Everything regarding calculation and cost centers is dealt with in our Controlling department! So if you are willing to produce a table, the SAP-system requires the implementation of a cost center, even if we do not work with that cost unit while producing the table.

Controlling and Production must work together very closely! In the Controlling department we therefore generate activity types for the worker (the person) and the machine. These specifications are necessary for the calculation. In "Production" a Routing (working plan) is generated. From this plan we can grasp the information for the time it takes the machine as well as the worker to produce the table. The Prices (the costs for an hour of machine work and an hour of human labour) will be generated by the Controlling department in order to calculate the machine and the human labour times. In the end all of this data is needed to finish the calculation."

Head of Production:

"We also have to generate a Work Center! In this Work Center it is estimated  how much time this production step takes the machine as well as the worker. We need these details to be able to calculate if our capacities as far as time is concerned is sufficient to serve our client's order!"


"Sorry Sir, that was a bit too fast for me. I'm a bit confused. Is there a fixed order I have to follow while implementing the master data???"

Head of Production:

"That's a very good question!

First we have to generate the master data of the material in Production! After that the bill of material will be created. Without the master data for the material there wouldn't be any bill of material!"

Head of Accounts Department / Controlling:

"In a next step we then have to create the Cost Centers. After that we implement the activity types for the wages (human labour) and the machine (costs).

Following the activity types we will implement the Prices - the costs for the worker, i.e. the wages, and the machine. To be able to implement the Prices we need the cost units and the activity types. After we have done that our Controlling is through with the implementation of the master data."

Head of Production:

"At last we have to generate the Work Center and last but nor least the routing.

Then we have implemented all the necessary data into the system and we then can begin to enter a client's order for a table and start to produce."

C. Tasks

1. Read interview 1, please.

Generate the activity types for the wage hours and the machinery hours.

Then enter the Prices / output activity! Only enter the data for 1 hour of work and 1 hour of machine functioning (Also see interview 2 and the SAP-instructions > Data > Controlling > activity type wage hours!).

2. Read interview 3 again and create the working center. Use the SAP-instructions!

3. Create the routing for the TABLE BASIC.

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