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SAP University Alliances Community - e4s - Purchasing: Goods Receipt

Purchasing Process

Step 2: Goods Receipt 

A goods receipt is the physical inbound movement of goods or materials into the warehouse or other receiving area. It is a goods movement that is used to post goods received from external vendors or from in-plant production. All goods receipts result in an increase of stock in the warehouse.

The steps below provide you the process flow for the goods receipt element of the purchasing scenario.


To view an example of a "Goods Receipt" activity please access this demo.


You have ordered goods according to my instructions. You now have to check if the goods have actually arrived.

The purchasing department gets delivery receipt or shipping order from the store. The delivery receipt indicates that the goods have actually arrived and the purchasing department is informed about that.

We now look for the adequate order and compare the order with the delivery receipt as far the correct articles and the correct amount of articles are concerned.

If there are any discrepancies between the position on the shipping order and the delivered good the store administrator has to write a remark on the delivery receipt. In such a case we immediately have to contact the supplier.


1. Call order list on the screen. Check the orders you have already entered / implemented. Imagine you work as an administrator in the purchasing department and book the receipt of goods. Use the SAP-instructions. Book the stock as advised in the order.

2. Check the made-to-order stock, the inventory lists and the stock / Requirements List for each receipt of goods according to the SAP-instructions. Interpret the list of stocks and demands. What does it tell you? As an example you should also have a look at the stock / Requirements List in the SAP-instructions!

Next step, go to the invoice process element!

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