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SAP Business Process Management

Business Activity Monitoring 1

SAP NetWeaver provides a business activity monitoring infrastructure so that business users can collect, analyze, and present relevant and timely data about business activities within the enterprise and those that involve customers or partners. By monitoring business activities, business users can respond to critical business events, and measure key performance indicators for business processes.

Event Infrastructure

SAP's Event Infrastructure is embedded in Business suite applications. It enables collecting, pre-filtering and publication of events for cross-system usage across SAP and non-SAP systems.

Milestone Monitoring

With the SAP milestone monitoring you can define a monitoring process that can monitor events from different applications. A monitoring process can subscribe to events from SAP or non-SAP systems. The monitoring process can filter the events and then process them further. A monitoring process is a special type of integration process.

Checklist: Making Correct Use of Integration Processes
A monitoring process is a special type of integration process. Therefore, the rules for using integration processes efficiently and optimizing performance also apply to monitoring processes.

Business Process Management: Milestone Monitoring
This documentation describes how to monitor the milestones of a business process. It also shows the architecture of milestone monitoring.

Developer's Guide: Milestone Monitoring
This documentation describes how to implement milestone monitoring. It explains how to define monitoring processes, and how you can use monitoring processes to filter events and process them further.

Process Efficiency Analysis

SAP provides the standard process efficiency analysis with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence. With the data provided from milestone monitoring process or standard SAP Business Workflow, business users or IT professionals can measure and monitor key performance indicators of these processes, for example average processing time of a process (step).

Business Process Management - Business Content
This documentation describes the business objects that allow you to extract information about work items. It also describes the available extractors.

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