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SAP University Alliances Community - e4s - Purchasing: Invoice

Purchasing Process

Step 3: Invoice 

Invoice management is the process of receiving, verifying and posting invoices from suppliers for provided deliverables. Invoices can be received electronically, scanned or entered manually.

The steps below provide you the process flow for the invoice element of the purchasing scenario.

A. SAP Instruction

To view an example of a "Goods Receipt" activity please access this demo.

B. Situation

How do we get the incoming invoice? We receive such an invoice by ordinary mail. It is usually not in the delivery of goods itself.

We then check the booking of the receipt of goods in the SAP-system. To do so we have to look at a material document.

Should there be a mistake in the invoice we have to write to our supplier immediately and ask him to check it and send us a new invoice. But if the invoice has been checked for its mathematical correctness and the correctness to the purpose then we mark the invoice document with an annotation "correct to the purpose and mathematically". We then call the adequate SAP-application and implement the incoming invoice.

In a normal case of a complete delivery the SAP-system automatically books while saving the incoming invoice in "financial accounting." Please note: While saving the incoming invoice the SAP-system creates an open-item-accounting of the total amount of the invoice. The SAP-system always knows exactly when this item is due.

C. Task

  1. Include the invoice with today's date into the SAP-system. To do that please use the help of the SAP-instructions.

    ZIEHER&Sons, 90 Protea Road, Chislehurston, Johannesburg 2196, South Africa...

  2. Please assume that faultless and correct invoices of the suppliers had been written for all receipts of goods you have recorded. So you now have to change each receipt of goods to an invoice!
  3. Please note the terms of payment from the orders! In the invoice the terms of payment should be identical.

    Please check the open-item-list. Compare the amounts with the amounts in the conditions of the order in the SAP-system.
  4. Try to find out why the cash discount is not being considered and doesn't appear in the open-item-list.

Next step, go to the outgoing payment process element!

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