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SAP University Alliances Community - e4s - Purchasing: Purchase Order

Purchasing Process

Overview: This purchasing scenario shows users how to use ERP to carry out processes in the purchasing department such as implementing an order.

Students can learn about the important areas of daily work as a buyer and how it works within an organization.

e4s Purchasing Scenario Structure Overview

The four process elements includes:

• Purchase Order (below)
Goods Receipt
Outgoing Payment

Step 1: Purchase Order

Purchase orders are supported in the system, and they can be manually or automatically created. Once the purchase order has been created a series of checks and validations take place to ensure that the right contract, discount, price, etc is referenced correctly. Purchase Order processing also deals with the communication to the supplier.

The steps below provide you the process flow for the purchase order element of the purchasing scenario.

A. SAP Instruction

To view an example of a "Purchase Order" activity please access this demo.

B. Situation

By using the SAP-system you will carry out processes in the purchasing department. Today we will deal with how to implement an order process into the SAP-system. First of all, a question arises: when do we have to implement an order?

Two main reasons might include:

  • A customer's order has come in and there is not enough inventory in stock
  • Stocks are not sufficient anyway - no matter if there is a client's order or not - and have to be refilled

In our company we are eager to avoid a high amount of stock items to keep costs low. Therefore we try to write orders not before there really is a client's order. The amount of goods we order normally relates to the amount required in the client's orders. We certainly have to deduct the stock items that are recorded in the SAP-system and the existing stocks. 

C. Tasks

Your task now will be to create an order to ZIEHER & Sons Ltd. (see learning situation!) in the SAP-system.

NOTE: If you have already implemented the master data there must be the supplier ZIEHER (K4400-XX) and the material H2101-XX) You'll get to know that from your lecturer/teacher.

  • INFORMATION - Click to view the Purchasing and the stock / requirements list on the SAP-system 
  • PROCESS - Click to view the overview of the "Create a purchase order" process.

Next step, go to the goods receipt process element!

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