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Alloy by IBM and SAP

Overview and useful links about Alloy by IBM and SAP.

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Alloy Basics

Bring people, process and information together

Alloy software - formerly known as "Project Atlantic" - is the first product that is jointly developed, supported and marketed by SAP and IBM. Alloy enables seamless access to SAP applications and information through IBM Lotus Notes, revolutionizing how business users interact with people, processes and information.
With Alloy software, business users can easily access SAP business processes and information within their familiar IBM Lotus environment, both online and offline. Since business users remain in their familiar Notes environment, there is no training required, which helps speed adoption. As a result, organizations can make business user more productive, improve decision making, and increase compliance with corporate policies.

As described, sometimes it might be necessary to add a bit more generic to the delivered Alloy workflow forms, in order to save implementation efforts. One way of adding more generic to the Alloy forms is described in Volker's blog, explaining what you need to do on the SAP side. Please see for handling the Notes/Domino side.

Alloy 1.0 SP1 - or in IBM language Alloy 1.01 - is a service pack release which includes some major feedback of our Alloy Ramp-Up customers. Compliant with SAP standard release guidelines it mainly corrects issues but does not provide major new functionality.u00A0 In general you can categorize the changes that come with Alloy 1.0 SP1 in three categories: supported platforms, maintenance and operations and functional corrections. Read more about the changes in detail in the .

The Alloy Implementation Kit is now available to give customers general guidelines about how long an Alloy project takes based on specific assumptions, what team skills are required and what tasks need to be considered. Read more in Daniel Capreri's Blog post

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