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SAP Transportation Management

More TM per Mile - GOPA IT consultants

I would like to draw your attention on the homepage and white paper of Gopa IT consultants, US.

At SAP Insider - back in March this year - Gopa did create some real momentum at the convention around TM. What you could see, has been the interest and in depth knowledge of our solution, which paid off, with a crowded booth. Gopa published as a follow up to this convention a white paper on Transportation on their homepage, but also leveraging the channel being offered by I learned they had close to 500 downloads meanwhile and even customers asked me for feedback on the content and capabilities, triggered by this information. In addition, Gopa issues a regular blog on and TM is a talking point in that as well. It provides a different perspective and I like the spirit of it.

So please take a look and consider to check out the white paper yourself.

- Bernd Mosbrucker

SAP TM White Paper (648 KB)- What it means for SAP's customers

Managing the complexities of transportation requires a powerful transportation management system (TMS). SAP TM 8.0 allows you to better control local and global transportation activities while reducing cost through automation, visibility and integration in real time.     

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