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SOA/BPM Reference Demo Project

Hit the Ground Running in Business Process Management with the Help of Our Process Samples!

Ever wanted to know what SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) is all about? Then this is the right place for you! Check out our various industry-specific and cross-industry business process samples. Even if you are into a different industry, use these process samples as reference models and identify the functionality gaps that exist in your own solutions, familiarize yourself with the business process management paradigm, and reap the benefits of a flexible business network.

Process Example

Exceptional Scheduling of Shift Workers
In today's unstable economic situation, companies are constantly looking for ways to improve the management of employee shifts, achieve flexibility, and reduce costs for additional shifts while at the same time avoiding problems with lack of resources at peak times for their business. Look at an example solution proposal for automating shift replacement and find out how similar problems can be solved within your organization.

Process Example

Create Customer Master Data
Master Data Management (MDM) processes and master data quality have always been a major focus for companies once they start to use business applications. For this reason companies are constantly looking for solutions to improve the completeness and consistency of the master data they use. Do you have a similar problem in your organization? If yes, then take a look at this solution proposal where the Customer Master Data is created with the help of the customer himself.

Process Example

Healthcare Case Management Process
Comprehensive patient care can be a difficult task. Inpatient hospitals stays are normally very expensive and as a result many healthcare provider organizations seek opportunities to improve the overall efficiency of their patient care processes. From a hospital's perspective, it is very important to keep the patient's stay as short as possible while at the same time improving the overall quality-of-care and patient satisfaction.

Process Example

Project Issue Management
While executing practically every project (for example, R&D, construction, and so on...) it is possible for conditions, design, scope, and other conditions to change which can have an impact on either schedule, or cost, or both. Take a look at the solution proposal to understand how project issues can be handled in a professional manner and thereby improve the overall project management efficiency resulting in reliable time and budget planning.

These business scenarios provided by experienced industry experts are intended to serve as a practical demonstration of the intrinsic business value offered by SAP NetWeaver BPM. By providing an in-depth description of the process steps and participants included, these process samples lay the foundations for the enhancing and streamlining your own business process and help you elevate your company into a fully process-driven organization.

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