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SAP Community

What Members Say

"Until now the SCN was the place for SAP professionals. It contained excellent material for our daily work."

- Oscar Arranz, SAP Consultant, Group MH

"SCN helps me to solve many issues and get answers to many questions when I’m in doubt."

- Andrei Vishnevsky, Senior CRM Consultant, AtlantConsult

"I've also learned so much more by giving back to the community, via ASUG and the SAP Community Network, and I encourage others to do the same."

- Tammy Powlas, SAP Mentor


"SCN blogs: good way how to remember what you`ve learnt but don`t practise every day."

- Otto Gold, SAP Consultant, Xiting AG

"There's the amazing community called the SAP Community Network that brings together developers from all sources"

- DJ Adams, Senior Consultant, Bluefin Solutions

SAP Community Blogs

  • "SAP is having a wonderful platform to create opportunities for its users/supporters to become an expert in their area and the platform is now renamed as SCN. I am really impressed with the look and feel of new SCN. It has included so many wonderful new features which were lacking earlier." SCN, a wonderful platform, Githen Ronney
  • "When I first heard about the new SCN I was really excited. Now that I can experience the change I'm even more excited. I can connect with other community members, update my status, visit a lot of places and gain more reputation. It's amazing to be an active contributor."My Story on the SCN Community, Consultant, CTAC Powerhouse
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