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WebDynpro Componentization

There are two different purposes for componentization:

  • Structure and pack different components to allow development in a team or to transport them to a productive landscape using the NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI). Web Dynpro Development Components (DC) can be easily integrated to NWDI.
  • For structuring a Web Dynpro DC, Web Dynpro components are the integral building blocks on which every Web Dynpro application is based. With a component-based architecture, large-scale applications can be divided into smaller, more manageable parts. Componentization offers a number of programming advantages, including a structure, the creation of easily manageable application blocks, the reusability of whole components, and the decoupling of software projects in both time and space.


Working with the Development Infrastructure   (SAP Help Portal)

Online documentation on the NWDI.

Development in a Team   (SAP Help Portal)

Online documentation on using the NWDI with Web Dynpro DCs.

Component-based Development from Database Table to Web Dynpro using NWDI   (ZIP 5,45 MB)

This  tutorial shows how to create a complete web application based on database persistence, EJB, Web service and Web Dynpro, each unit based on a NWDI Development Component.


Web Dynpro Componentization   (PDF 993 KB)

This presentation describes in detail the Web Dynpro Component Model

Use components in bigger Web Dynpro projects   (wiki)

How-to-guide to restructure Web Dynpro projects into several components.

Tutorials & Samples for Web Dynpro Java 

Refer to section Componentization.

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