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The New SCN: "Tip in a Minute" Series Time 1:00 New!

Ahead of the major migration and modernization of our underlying community platform, we are providing you a "sneak peek" of this new environment and its many benefits and features with the"Tip in a Minute" video series.  These videos will highlight key features and functionalities in the new SCN—all in bite-sized videos of just 60 seconds!

Watch them on SCN TV or on our YouTube Channel.

Official SAP Business One Release 8.8 Product eLearning

We created a page that will give an overall list of eLearnings. These eLearning components have been developed to provide you with the basic product understanding of SAP Business One release 8.8.   This eLearning is covering the key area’s in the standard product training of SAP Business One release 8.8, localization specific functionality is not included.

SAP Business One - SAP Developer Network
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SAP Business One - SAP Developer Network


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