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Find Topic Spaces on SCN (Forums)


This guide shows you how to navigate, search and browse for spaces. SAP Community Network (SCN) is organized into more than 450 spaces that operate like self-contained communities with their own discussions (forums), blogs, documents and homepages. Spaces typically focus on an SAP product, industry, or other subject relevant to SAP professionals and users.

Always create your content in the relevant space. That way, it'll be visible to other members interested in the same topic. 

Below are four strategies for finding the right space to follow, search and in which to create your content.

Browse for Spaces

The global browse button is persistently on the right side of the site header. Click Browse to explore content, people, places and bookmarks (notice the tabs at the top of the browse view).

  1. Click Browse > Places (
  2. Filter for spaces by entering keywords in the filter by text field
  3. Use the filters in the left side column to sort by spaces you're following, recently viewed or all (everything)

Browse > Places

Filter by entering keywords:

Navigate Spaces

The SCN navigation is persistently on the site header. Use it to drill down hierarchically to specific spaces. 

For example, here's the path from Enterprise Resource Planning to SAP ERP Financial > Controlling:

(Click to view full size)

Site Index of Spaces

The SCN Site Index lists all SCN spaces, sorted alphabetically. SCN strives to update it on an ongoing basis.

Search for Spaces

Search for SCN spaces with keywords via site search. Enter the space name or keywords and then click search. SCN spaces often appear at the top of search results.

You can also search with the Custom Google Search for SCN. With Google, you'll find a filter for Spaces.