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SAP TechEd

The Impact of Industry Standards on SAP NetWeaver

Session from SAP TechEd '04 − SAP has taken a leadership role in working within the industry to drive the creation of standards- based technologies for enterprise computing. Support for technology standards such as J2EE and .Net in SAP NetWeaver has resulted in lower total cost of ownership for customers through shorter design, development, and maintenance cycles; faster and easier integration; and increased portability of applications. This presentation provides an overview of standards created in organizations such as WS-I, W3C, OASIS, and the Java Community Process. It also discusses the impact of the Eclipse Foundation on the SAP NetWeaver platform. Furthermore, it points out the importance of business standards, such as those being created in UN/CEFACT, and those developed for particular industries, such as RosettaNet and CIDX.

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