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Porting a J2EE Application to SAP Web Application Server

Session from SAP TechEd '04 − With its support of the J2EE 1.3 Standard, SAP Web Application Server 6.40 offers you the opportunity to harmonize your IT landscape by running J2EE and SAP business applications on the same platform. This simultaneously reduces your maintenance and development costs. The inherent platform-independence of J2EE-based applications means that you can easily port them to a new J2EE- compliant server such as SAP Web Application Server. This presentation talks about a real-life case where this was actually done: a high-volume J2EE application for managing license information throughout a large corporation was ported from a competitor's product to SAP Web Application Server. We report about the individual phases of the project, outline a general road map to how to proceed, and discuss some lessons learned.

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