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Adaptive Computing Controller 7.2 – Overview & Ramp-Up News - Webinar Details

The objective of Adaptive Computing is to operate any service at any time on any server. By dynamically assigning hardware resources one can quickly move a software system to a more powerful server or start dialog instances on free servers to absorb spikes in workload, all without needing to make any configuration changes. This session presents several use cases showing when and how Adaptive Computing can help to lower costs, increase flexibility and allow for optimal management of SAP applications. You will see how adaptive computing supports the business-driven need for change and adaptability, and includes technologies that enable dynamic, on-demand resource allocation. Latest experiences from the ACC 7.2 Ramp-up will be shared; ACC 7.2 offers new features such as support for Hypervisor implementations of SAP Partners, automatic landscape detection, mass operations, and live migration of virtualized resource.

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