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How to Set Up Alerts for Monitoring in SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 - Webinar Powerpoint

The SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) 3.0 is used to implement cross-system processes. Systems from different vendors (non-SAP and SAP) are connected together for business processing. But, what happens when a crucial step, during a normal business transaction, is interrupted, a server failure occurs, an insufficient input error arise, etc. or even any miscellaneous number of system errors are triggered? How can you or your administrator be informed? SAP XI can be used to send alerts by e-mail, fax, or SMS. After this session, you will be able to KNOW HOW to set up the Alert Configuration for creating rules for error handling, set up SAPConnect for mail exchange notifications, and use the Alert Inbox and Runtime Workbench for monitoring your cross- system processes.

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